Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love is in the air....

They say the day is filled with the love and it has something to do with some guy named Valentine.
I googled on his name and found that the poor fella is dead long time back(Ironically, the first link that google shows you is of The History Channel). I was sort of relieved that
Mr. Valentine is dead otherwise his effigies would be burning today, instead of roses his effigy would be beaten by Hawai Chappals.

As I read more about the day it appeared that its just a legend, this Valentine guy. None of the stories are confirmed. The only thing which is confirmed is that this legend is quite a romantic figure. So every year in the memory of this great legend we celebrate the festival of love.

Few says if you propose on the Valentine's day in a leap year, you will definetly succeed and you are most likely to get married too(FYI 2008 is the next leap year......get ready guys!!)
Few more says its just the marketing strategy of all the Archies and Hallmarks to boost up their sales.

For today's youth.....hmmmm...no... let me rephrase for todays love birds(Married and Engaged not applicable) it is the most special day of the whole year(apart from the partner's B'Day).

They are awake till 12 Midnight on the Valentine's eve so that they can wish their lovers at the very stroke of the midnight. They buy expensive gifts and send cards to the loved ones(if they are not in the same town).

You might be thinking this guy doesn't have anyone to spend his day(The Valentine's Day) with, that is why he is arguing about the day.

Well I must say you are fifty percent right. But it also saddens me that these love birds dont celebrate Mother's or Father's or Brother's or Sister's day with the same zeal. Just one question to all of you...
In 2006 when is
Father's day, Mother's day, Sister's Day, Brother's Day, Family Day??

Ok I know you have google for all but you are least inetersted in celebrating those.

Lets leave that topic..I feel like I am some Moral Inspector of the society.

Now the needs of the masses are needed to be fullfilled. Many of you who are reading this article are in a similar situation like me.

The Love Day and......No GirlFriend(in the near vicinity).....No Girl who is a friend(And Single and available for Date)....well I got few things in mind for you to do(I might not be doing all of them but still.....). So here is the list of what to do on this Day of Love:

1. Love your Country ........ Watch Rang De Basanti!!!( Atleast twice)

2. Love your Parents ......... No no dont watch K3G ...just give them a call.

3. Love your Siblings ........ Call them too.

4. Love your Work ........ Finish this article and GO BACK TO YOUR WORK!!

5. Love your Life .......... Get some beer and chak de phatte!!!!!!!

Now the list of what not to do:

1. Hate all girls who rejected you ...... They keep coming back(if they are not married yet).

2. Hate the guy who stole your GF ....... Find someone from whom you can steal!!!

3. Stalk some gals ....... This will get you in Trouble(Boyfriends and Police are the likely enemies)

4. Blame God for the day ..... Pray to GOD that you don't have to read this article next year.

5. Hate the day itself .... Well you watched a good movie.....talked to your loved ones and then did balle balle with beer.....why hate the day??

They say love is in the air......and I also heard that love is toxic(....love zeher hai).......

I guess its just another very POLLUTED day!!!


Nitesh Singh said...

baapu! ye kya likha hai....

raat bhar yahi soch raha tha kya?

Prakhar said...

@ Nitesh

Raat ko aaram se so raha tha...itna sa likhne ke liye sochna nahin padta hai:D

Rakesh Dhamani said...

jackie...wo kahte hain na...

"Na maine signal dekha na tune signal dekha...accident ho gaya rabba-2"...

tera bhi accident hoga jaldi hi :D

P.S. - Gud one be....you are improving day by day...keep up the tempo...god save ur Company :D

Jaspreet Narang said...

u givin loads of Funda...I recon it is not comin from the appropiate person. Well one thing is true it is just another day. Nuthin special abt it.
- Jassi

Prakhar said...

@ Reky D

Yaar usi din ka intezzar hai...i hope mujhe na likhna pade aisa hi article next year:D

@ Jassu

Jassu u gone prem me pagal:D

Prakhar said...


Thanks Buddy:D

Sourabh Bansal said...

yaar jacko...maanna padega teri creativity,imagination and cadopia ke itna khaali time provide karne waali naukri ko....but still....huhaa likha hai

Prakhar said...

@ Bhavesh

Dont miss the leap year dude:D
Thanks for your comments ...will keep you updated about the blog

Voice said...

nice blog prakhar.and very colorful too.
thnx for the info abt leap year.

update me about blog updates :)

shanu said...

grtt writing style prakharda...

the blog rocks!!!

Prakhar said...

Thanks buddy :D

romram said...

Prakhar Da let me tell u that I have read thousands of blogs but none felt so perfect as this one... seems ki dil se likha hiai... ya fhir bahut din ho gaye thhe aapse kuchh accha sune hue.... aneways hoha blog

Secondly I would like to say that "we all" do not celebrate Mother's Day, Father's day or Sister's day with that much enthu becuz we know we love them, this love is inherent, we don't need to make public displays to show its presence ,but these guys who do celebrate valentine's day do not really love each other becuz then this particular day wouldn't have made any diff to them.... aneways this is my point of view.... aam frust KGP junta type... :D

aur watching RDB twice was a really nice idea!!! can't do it though as the exams are knocking at the door, but will surely call home!!!

Keep writing. Cheers!!

Prakhar said...


Thanks for the compliments buddy[:D]!!
will always try to write from heart;)
All the best for exams...uske baad RDB!!!

Chitra said...

hey Prakhar..
Good one.. Not something i would have expected from you.. but its always great to get a good surprise.. Accha hai saccha hai.. take care

Tinni said...

nice blog !! check out my feeling abt the above at..

Yashu.K said...

y do u hate vday >:P

Saurabh Sunil said...

Joey to Gina in some "Joey" episode: "Gina you know, being single is cool. After all I am single."
My point made. I believe Joey.

Good article.

Aur waise yeh kaisi KGP type frust jagah pahunch gaye hain, ke wahan valentine's day ke din bhi koi bandi nahin milti? Poo ko dekha kijiye aur unse kuchh seekha kijiye.

Himadri said...

nice one....!!

valentine funda.. toh aishe bhi kabhi samajh mein na aaya....

n kudoz fr da What to Do list..!! :P

Prakhar said...

@ YK ... I neither hate or luv the valentine's day....i think it isn't a special day.

@ Aaga I m very happy ki Poo jaisi halat nahin hai:D(Ask OP about it)

@ Himadri ... Thanks buddy!:D

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rain girl said...

oh lolz. i agree, i agree. and i HEART rang de basanti!