Monday, July 23, 2007

An Award, The President & A Scavenger

"Everybody rapes the system but this man wanted to make it his mistress".
Ramnath Goenka (supposedly said) on why he chose to fight against Dhirubhai

“It is symbolic of the respect women enjoy in the country”
Pratibha Patil immediately after getting to know of her nomination.

“I used to hate the foul smell, I used to vomit, after a while I got used to it. Now it's not a problem.”
Bhuri, a scavenger from Gohad in Madhya Pradesh.

“My channel also breaks stories. My channel also does a few things which we have questions over. But if you turn around and take the moral high ground, I am going to tell you that I break more stories than any other Hindi news channel, and I take enormous credit for that. They are frightened of me. I know that. And I want them to be frightened of me”
Rajdeep Sardesai, Journalist of the Year (Broadcast), Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award 2006-2007

"The media must play a nation-building role because excellence in journalism vitalizes the nation"
President APJ Abdul Kalam, Ramnath Goenka Memorial Debate 2007

“I want my children to do well. I don't want them to ruin their lives like me. I want them to go to office.”
Sharda, a scavenger in Nand Nagri (Delhi), cleaning dry toilets and sewers for over 25 years.

I got all the above quotes from some media source or another and all I can do is read them or watch them, discuss with my room-mate, and sleep over it. But this time it’s different.
For those who do not know what scavenging is? What is cleaning dry toilet is? To put in simple words manual scavenger picks other people's excreta. You think its gross, think about those who do it everyday and are doing it for last 25 years.

Now we can start blaming government, politicians and whole lot of others for all this, but sadly we are the ones who elect them and more sadly we are the ones who do not care to elect.
Finger pointing has to end, develop the nation first and development should not be counted as Formula 1 circuit in Delhi. Sanitation in the places where it is not; can be a start. Many more such developments should be focused upon. I know what you are thinking.

60 years of independence, nothing has changed and there is no way I alone can change a thing. You are correct.

Your voice will go unheard, so who’s voice will reach the government ears? I say media.

365 days a year and 24 hours a day, that’s how much they work. Work to get our voices heard, to raise the issues which are important.

If Rajdeep Sardesai is aggressive and passionate about breaking stories, I say its very good, we need aggression to move forward and we need passion to build nation, so channeling it towards development is what I say ,the need of the hour.

President Kalam says media must play nation building role. I agree.
I think they can do it and they can do it better by coming together.

What happens to TRP then?

From so many media houses I ask for 5.
From 30 days a month I ask for 5.
From 24 hours a day I ask for 30 minutes.

That amounts to every media house contributing 30 minutes in a month for building nation.

I told this earlier as well, this time it’s going to be different. I think I have a plan and that’s what I want to share.

No claim to fame, no accusations, no opposition – Start from 0.

In a week, call it Development week or Bharat Nirmaan Saptaah; every day from Monday to Friday one media house will raise a development call, much similar to bug raised in software industry. Let’s start with very small development issues.

To resolve the issue the minister or MLA concerned will be there; and as I earlier said no accusation, rules will be simple no one will be asked to explain why the situation is so, the thing to be asked and to be discussed about will be the Deadline.

The Deadline by which the concerned issue will be resolved. I think you got the idea, it’s easy to think all these kind of things but very difficult to implement and that’s why I said no opposition this time. Please.

What’s in it for media houses?

That’s why I said no claim to fame.

Time and again media has fulfilled its responsibility, so I ask them to take some more, simply because they can.

After whatever happened in past I think its time for a marriage between Media and the system.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love is in the air - II (The Sequel)



This time last year I wrote something (ref: The part I )
It created a huge controversy in my world…it divided the world in two halves…I call them Crackers and Bashers. So here we are… at the same place and at the same time and again the question remains the same…Do you think it is a Special Day?

WARNING: Those who are expecting this blog to be equally funny as the first one, please be careful, you might end-up a bit disappointed

All of you must be thinking
What do I think now? What happened in my “social life” last year? Or as little Yashu would ask “Do you still hate the day?? :P” and many more questions about the “Special day”

So here are the answers…

Yes, I do.

Yes I do think the day is very special …and I think many of those who will be reading this must be knowing about my “social life”….so does that changed my prespective?? Here is my confession..

It is a special day for you and me…from the day we met…we had our shares of good and bad times…and I realized your importance in my life when I was down, you were the only one to whom I was able to express my feelings…and everytime I did…I felt really great. You became my identity.. you became my voice and you became my life …and now the time has come to declare our love to the whole world but before I do that and even before I wish you Happy Valentine’s day

I would like to say this to you……