Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love is in the air - II (The Sequel)



This time last year I wrote something (ref: The part I )
It created a huge controversy in my world…it divided the world in two halves…I call them Crackers and Bashers. So here we are… at the same place and at the same time and again the question remains the same…Do you think it is a Special Day?

WARNING: Those who are expecting this blog to be equally funny as the first one, please be careful, you might end-up a bit disappointed

All of you must be thinking
What do I think now? What happened in my “social life” last year? Or as little Yashu would ask “Do you still hate the day?? :P” and many more questions about the “Special day”

So here are the answers…

Yes, I do.

Yes I do think the day is very special …and I think many of those who will be reading this must be knowing about my “social life”….so does that changed my prespective?? Here is my confession..

It is a special day for you and me…from the day we met…we had our shares of good and bad times…and I realized your importance in my life when I was down, you were the only one to whom I was able to express my feelings…and everytime I did…I felt really great. You became my identity.. you became my voice and you became my life …and now the time has come to declare our love to the whole world but before I do that and even before I wish you Happy Valentine’s day

I would like to say this to you……