Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wandering Soul

I wanna go home
To my my little sister
To my my innocence
Everyday..these days, I wanna go home

I wanna change somethings from past
Somethings which will give me little peace
Somethings which will bring a little happyness
Things which will make me a better man
In every life, I wanna change somethings

Sometimes I wanna cry
Sometimes I wanna scream
Sometimes I wanna sleep for a while
Sometimes I want her to be with me
All the time I want to live a life.

I wish my wishes to come true
I believe my beliefs to be true
My faith to remain faithful to me
My purpose to be purposeful
And My Home to be my home always....

I wanna go..


ranjana said...

that is such a heart touching poem.....desire of every man to go back in the cling to the familiar n undo whatever has gone wrong....very nice

Prakhar said...


This one was written long time back..nd potrays my situation at that time!....u put it first poem in english...i thot its not that good....well thanks!:)