Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Little Sunshine

My little girl asks me one day
"Pa can I meet an angel someday?"
I nod and her eyes lit up
she paints one and keep with her

She comes back and asks me
"Daddy what does angels do?"
"Sweetheart they protect you, take care of you"
"then you keep this Pa I already have you"

I see her praying...praying for the early rain
As she loves to play in those rainy rains
Ask her "Summers or Rain? Which one do you like child?"
"Of course Summers daddy! I am your little sunshine!"

Happy B'Day :)


Nancy said...

U wrote this...???
Forgive me I dont mean to be rude..
......this post is so beautiful.

Prakhar said...

Yup, i wrote it :)
nd thanks!

ranjana said...

this one is very cute :)

Prakhar said...

@ Ranjana

Thanks!! :)

Arun PK said...

sheer magic :)