Thursday, June 26, 2008


Tagged by Reflections

My first tag :)

I am: Jack of many things! (I wish life was 29 :D)

I think: a lot

I know: “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost”

I want: to quit job

I have: everything I need to have everything I want to have..confusing??

I wish: to open a restaurant

I hate: nothing (hating is too harsh for me)

I miss: Ma, Pa nd Chunnu (my li’l sis)

I fear: Snakes

I feel: poetic at times

I hear: running water…damn it’s my roomy! Never closing taps properly

I smell: Nothing…cold hai yaar!

I crave: Gajar ka halwa :D

I search: happyness (if not found…I manufacture it in my head :) )

I wonder: nothing in particular

I regret: a few things

I love: going back home

I ache: when I realize my stupidity

I am not: arrogant … some get this as first impression

I dance: whenever m happy :)

I sing: quite well…. (Listen “Kabhi Kabhi Aditi” ..Everyone is sayin it sounds like me)

I cry: rarely…well TZP makes me cry :(

I dont always: ask for help

I fight: loneliness

I write: from my heart :)

I win: hearts ;)

I lose: love ;)

I never: watched Titanic completely, start to end.

I always: forget whether I locked the door or not (even after few seconds of locking it)

I confuse: about love and marriage

I listen: songs (they calm me down)

I can usually be found: day dreamin

I need: some new friends

I am happy about: being alive

I imagine: a happy life...

It was hard doing this, but liked not tagging anyone.. up for grabs!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Cakes I like ..
.. bunny, teddy, violin, train you baked them all

I love you Ma

Grumpy me ..
because it was your b'day not mine
and you still loved me..

I love you Sis

Gifts I got ..
everything I ever asked..
but your faith was the best ..

I love you Pa

I cry this b'day
.. as without you ..its just another day..

Happy 25th :)

Monday, June 16, 2008


Gusty winds and a diamond ring
A walk of lifetime
Music of waves and horizon of dreams
So many words said and only one to be heard..

Along came a wave .. holding us in sand
I saw the setting sun in those eyes
and then she looked at me...

Tears rolled down
Forgiven fights...unforgettable yet broken promises
All flashed by in front of eyes
.. but as always the morning breeze came with faith
and I looked at her..

Sleeping as if giving life to dreams
then in a moment she woke up..
twenty six years and those eyes still had the same answer...

Monday, June 02, 2008


An unfinished poem in back pocket
.... searching for emotions

A rusted Cross around the neck
.... testing the faith

A worn out shirt with an old jeans
.... experiencing the mortality

A thread tied on the right hand
.... connecting to the roots

A moment captured to come back to....