Monday, June 16, 2008


Gusty winds and a diamond ring
A walk of lifetime
Music of waves and horizon of dreams
So many words said and only one to be heard..

Along came a wave .. holding us in sand
I saw the setting sun in those eyes
and then she looked at me...

Tears rolled down
Forgiven fights...unforgettable yet broken promises
All flashed by in front of eyes
.. but as always the morning breeze came with faith
and I looked at her..

Sleeping as if giving life to dreams
then in a moment she woke up..
twenty six years and those eyes still had the same answer...


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


awesome use of words
simply gr8888


Prakhar said...


Thanks :)

ranjana said...

wow tale of eternal love n that :)

Prakhar said...


thank u :)

Prakhar said...
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Anonymous said...

u once again proved that i cannot understand poems :(

Cheers to A- NAAM- IKA


Prakhar said...


heheh...dost nothin complex abt this idea of blissfull love nd marriage!

Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted the expressions so beautifully & so realistic...the beauty of love & longing!

Prakhar said...


its more sort of a dream !!
thanks :)