Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I went back to the Moment

Wish I can play guitar..
..will leave some music behind

Wish I can write a book..
..will leave some stories behind

Not much time left I feel..
..wish I had more memories behind

Our song is coming to an end..
..wish we danced one last time

Night is getting darker every moment..
..wish we kissed one last goodbye

So little time left I feel..
..wish I once told you how much I love you

Tears in your eyes my friend..
..wish I had seen them earlier

Sorrow and pain in your heart..
..wish I had given you strength and happiness

Don't cry..don't be sad

So little time left I know..
..why not we celebrate


Solitaire said...

That's right. Live in the moment.

Keshi said... for NOW!

lovely post!


Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

Ur composition proves how big n difficult words r not needed to express things in words.

totally luvd it :)

Vinz aka Vinu said...

nice poem..!

Cheers to the 'present'


Ps said...

Why is there so little time left, I wonder?

Prakhar said...

Exactly :)

Prakhar said...


Live for now and appriciate life :)

Thanks :)

Prakhar said...

@Mini M

i just realized i never use big words :( (very poor vocab :( )

..i guess i cant connect with those big words


Prakhar said...


Thanks a lot!

joiedevivre said...

hey its not late
u r still alive,
so jam ke masti chalne de

Keshi said...

yep..and cool pic mate!


Sri said...

"Wishes" lovely post!Makes me to remind of old school poem...I wish I where!!! But lets celebrate it for a longer time??!! Why little time?? Are u very busy??!

Prakhar said...


Life is so unpredictable..u never know when the time will end!

Prakhar said...


Yes I am, and thats what we celebrate!!

Prakhar said...


Thank U! :)

Prakhar said...


Yes I hope to celebrate it as long as possible...but u never know...

Reflections said...

Aaaaaah regrets......everybody has some.
Yeah celebrate now...make up for lost time.

rain girl said...

heyyy :)
lovely poem..i can easily imagine someone strumming a guitar to it.. :)
and your hindi poems..i don't know why you are embarrassed of them - they are raw and real. so keep putting them on..

and thank you so much for visiting all mah blogs and commenting..that's really sweet of you! :)

shooting star said...

live in the moment....but leave no i unfortuantely have found with regrets is the most difficult thing to do......

Beauty and the BEast said...

If I'd known this were the last song I sing for you
I'd make the song last forever too

If I'd known I had but one last dance
I'd hold you forever in my arms

If I'd known it was a goodbye kiss
I wouldnt let the breeze part our lips

But I did not know that this was the end
Had I but only known it then

I would add a magic of a certain kind
To this memory I have of our very last time

... its difficult to not wish a little more from the moment you have said good bye to. But that does not make the memory of that moment any less special...

Beautiful poem!!

Very touching!

Prakhar said...


Exactly...celebrate what you got..wishes might never end..

Prakhar said...

@Rain Girl

Thank you :)...well I am embarrassed of only these are pretty decent according to me :D

nd your blogs are really wonderful..nd offers a keep posting :)

Prakhar said...

@Shooting Star

Its with regrets is really tough...someday...sometime u hav to let them go...nd blv in a better tommorow without ne regrets..

"Picture abhi baki hai mere dost"

Prakhar said...


You left me speechless....beautiful made my day :)

I will cherish this moment forever!

Priya Joyce said...

ye tats the spirit we shud be in "live till the last"

well put cool!!!!

peter said...

tht was wow !

I mean simple yet meaningful :P
nice one !

Bla said...

I agree with Peter.

Prakhar said...


Thanks for stoppin by...very correctly said ..Live till last :)


Prakhar said...

@Peter & bla

Thanks pal :)

my space said...

very beautiful...the pain is so tangible...
btw...i love the song bol na halke halke...playing on ur blog...but why does it pause every 5 seconds?
And thanx fr dropping by :-)

Prakhar said...

@ my space

Thanks :)

You can stop it for a while and then play...its taking time to stream for you internet connection.

gunj said...

wonderful lines there!!
i so needed em right now:)

WannabeWriter said...

Very nice poem! :)

d gypsy! said...

good one..

says a lot

Keshi said...

and how r we poser? ;-)


Prakhar said...

Thanks dear !
Enjoy ur stay in Mysore :)

Prakhar said...

@d gypsy

Its the one mentioned in "Moment"...i guess u figured that out!

Prakhar said...


Thanks :)

Prakhar said...


Well m just alrite :)..but u made my day by askin :D

Thank U !!

bhawna said...

prakhar!!is that u?i'm impressed yaar!!it's kind of inspirational....i feel like writing all over again...i love u for that(consider tumhara waala love)...u remember u wrote something in my diary after d board examz...

Prakhar said...

@bhawna that you Tullz??..dekha duniya kitni choti hai..ghoom phir ke mil hi jaate hain :) (himanshu ne diya kya url? )

Arre maine kya likha tha aisa...sumthin gud kya??

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Loved it!!