Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Few more words

First things first
I did not tell her...I have my reasons
I apologize for not replying to you...I had my reasons


New Folder..New Text Document..New Year is here too.

This year I came back to this space...started writing more a lot.. and I thank every one whose post I
read and all those who read my posts...your posts and comments made me a better man this year and I thank you for that.

"You are a part of me ... I am a part of you
I am are you...are we?"

I want to start something new, something fresh.. like the mornings you know. I love them, every single day.
Its getting poetic now...I should stop.


Chriz said...


have a wonderful new year..
thanks for becoming my blogmate this year

lets continue this journey in the coming year too..

and am back to blogging.. from tmrw

shahid said...

Gud one this one jacko...
"New Folder... New Text Document"
People learn to move on .. new year or no new year.

Creation said...

A prosperous and happy new year to you too... Ahh.. what a cliche!
Anyways, yup.. certainly a poetic not-meant-to-be-poetic (really?) post..
But then.. what can one expect from one who's a true poet at heart?!

Prakhar said...

@ Chriz

Welcome back buddy..happy new year to you too!!


Thanks surely moves on


:)..Thanks...and a very happy new year to you too..nd i wish to keep this poetic heart going :)

Creation said...

Good.. coz i am going to discontinue blogging.. no more posts on my blog now.. :)

Voice said...

happy new year prakhar...

kuchh tips de poem likhne ka

Prakhar said...


happy new year dost :)

poem...likh yaar..whatever you feel like...poetry apne aap banegi :)

Reflections said...

"Its getting poetic now...I should stop."

No dont was just getting interesting:-D