Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chala jata hun...

Reflection...Oh yes..It was your reflection
that did the trick
what were you looking at?

certainly not me...

but I looked... and looked ..only for you

..and its being the same,same emotions..same words are coming back.. so its better to leave this one here..
I have more to say, but somethings are better left unsaid...I guess.

So the wait is over... the well deserved;much needed;canceled earlier; break is here.

First destination : Jaipur

I love going back to Jaipur and best part is that I see many more trips ahead. More of Hawa Mahal in the busy Pink City market, more of Fort Amer and more of Rawat Mishthan Bhandar :D

A wedding invitation that inspired "Something borrowed something blue"...few friends coming from across the globe.. it will be nice.

..and after that.. Home :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


कुछ कहना है तुमसे...सुनो ना

सांझ के आसमां से रंगी हैं आंखें
मुस्कान एक मखमली सुबह सी
आफ़ताब से पिघली ओस की बूंदें
अधूरे चांद के इंतज़ार में अधूरी सी रात...

कुछ कहना है तुमसे...
एक तस्वीर है
एक तुम हो

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

..something borrowed something blue

..took a step ahead ... to hold her hand
felt like never before
she looked up ... she smiled
happy like never before

silence spoke a thousand words
can it do that ever?
he made a promise...she made a promise
they made a promise
It will be forever..

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

मैं यहां था कभी ...

कांच की खिडकी के उस पार
पेड़ के सूखे हुए पत्तों में एक उडान बाकी है

डायरी के बिखरे पन्नों में
शायद एक कहानी सी है

या शायद उन बिन बरसे बादलों मे
छुपे हैं अश्क कहीं

इस अधूरी सी कहानी,ठहरी सी उडान
और थमे हुए अश्कों के बीच ...मैं

Saturday, January 03, 2009

You shop..till I drop

Shopping is fun, I love shopping and I enjoy it even more if I am shopping for someone else.Also I am a good wing man in the shopping skies.
Just in can contact me at 98*******0 .I am always game for shopping expedition.

So last time when I was on shopping spree/support, I overheard a few conversations in a very crowded store (what happened to recession??)


She: "Which one? " *****Right one looks beautiful**

He: "??Both looks good??" *****Choose one..else you are done**

She: "You know there is another one I liked..come lets see.." ***** I bet he didn't saw this coming** **WICKED GRIN**

So after 10 minutes or so three of us meet again..the guy is a bit frustrated...girl is confusingly smiling...

She: "Now..which of these two??"

He: "Which one do you like??" ******Its not devil's advocate...answer the lady**

She: "Actually both of them..lets check some more"

He: "Noooo... you go ahead"

She: "Why??"

He: "If I am there with you, we won't be buying anything today" *****That is true**

She: "That is true"

and off she goes...cracking her stilettos.


She (with a gorgeous dark green top in her hand) : "How is this one?"

He (with a hideous white n blue broad horizontal stripes so-out-of-fashion top) : "This looks great!!"

She (putting green one into his face) : "This looks lovely!!"

He (trying to bluff once more) : "This will look better" *******How on earth....**

She (almost teary) : "I really really like this one"

He (gave up the secret) : "but..but..Mom won't approve this one"

It was approved.

Difference... Sleeves

Friday, January 02, 2009

I love you...

Happy New Year

Today I called up most of my relatives..many of whom I haven't seen in last couple of years..Grand Parents,Uncles, Aunts, Cousins..
...just to wish them..and all I said

"Namaste ________ , Happy New Year"

but their replies were more than know..
they blessed me..for everything I will ever want or will ever need..success ...happyness..everything

they actually said the heartfelt...will you?