Tuesday, January 06, 2009

मैं यहां था कभी ...

कांच की खिडकी के उस पार
पेड़ के सूखे हुए पत्तों में एक उडान बाकी है

डायरी के बिखरे पन्नों में
शायद एक कहानी सी है

या शायद उन बिन बरसे बादलों मे
छुपे हैं अश्क कहीं

इस अधूरी सी कहानी,ठहरी सी उडान
और थमे हुए अश्कों के बीच ...मैं


Chriz said...

i came to comment first like many other occassions... but poor me.. i cant read hindi

Prakhar said...


Thanks bro :)..well this piece is from a memory..its titled..I was here ..

Voice said...

Everyone poem is unique cannot be compared with anything else. It is perfect in its entity. Though I have my doubts why u phrased this poem like this but will not ask you.

The concept is brilliant :)
It comes so naturally to you.

On lighter notes... agar tum waha the to ab kaha ho

Anonymous said...

after a long long time i read something soulful in hindi..
is adhuri si kahani, theheri si udaan
aur thame hue ashko ke beech , main
mind blowing
you express beautifully..

Divya said...

My fav of urs from now on!!! :D
I do relate to it, mayb my intrprtn is dff...but dats d beauty of poetry :)

Very beautifully expressed !

Today even I was feeling inspired with tears. Though no poem yet :(

knots n crosses said...

u write real nice...simple and b'ful..liked the one below that goes like melts like a choclate. keep weaving !! :-)

Prakhar said...


Thanks for such lovely words...i guess now you are enjoying the poems :)

well tab wahan tha...abhi office me hun :(..bahot kaam hai re :P

Prakhar said...

@ Pink Orchid

Thanks a lot dear :)

Prakhar said...


Thanks a ton...its a bit old...i thought it was incomplete...but time has completed it :)

**inspired with tears**....just remember the day...you can write about it any time

Prakhar said...

@knots n crosses

thanks a lot dear... wrote that one to know how everyone felt abt it..

thanks for stoppin by :)

Voice said...

How can I enjoy
poems mere samajh me nahi ati :(

Prakhar said...


koi na dost...interpret as you like..nd see if you like it..