Friday, January 02, 2009

I love you...

Happy New Year

Today I called up most of my relatives..many of whom I haven't seen in last couple of years..Grand Parents,Uncles, Aunts, Cousins..
...just to wish them..and all I said

"Namaste ________ , Happy New Year"

but their replies were more than know..
they blessed me..for everything I will ever want or will ever need..success ...happyness..everything

they actually said the heartfelt...will you?


Keshi said...

awww...thats so good.


And u look really good in this pic!


Chriz said...

new hair cut bro? happy new year!

god bless you

may you blog more and more..

do good and others would be great to you..


Anonymous said...

Hey Prakhar,

Thnx for stopping by :)

U did the right thing..Wht a luvly way to begin ur new yr :)

Happy 2009!

Prakhar said...


Thanks a lot dear :)

Luv you always :)

@ Chriz

Thanks Bro!

I heard...3 choices one good...get good...or give up :)

@ Swats

Thanks for stoppin by! :)

shahid said...

People are inherently good and once in a while you can trade off some of your goodness with much more of their goodness. It never hurts.

God bless and a very Happy new year to you.

Voice said...

unki tarah apni dil ke baat tu bhi badi asani se bol sakta hai...
itna darta kyu hai...

har baar will u ya fir shall i tell her...
To all ur questions.. answer is YES... bol warna koi aur bol dega..

Prakhar said...

@ Shahid

Very well put!...Happy new year to u too !! :)

@ Bhav

Is baar .. it was not only for is for everyone!

and I truly wish ki saare answer Yes ho! :D

Reflections said...

Makes u feel good also huh!!!!

Wishing U a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!