Wednesday, January 07, 2009

..something borrowed something blue

..took a step ahead ... to hold her hand
felt like never before
she looked up ... she smiled
happy like never before

silence spoke a thousand words
can it do that ever?
he made a promise...she made a promise
they made a promise
It will be forever..


Anonymous said...

Buddy you really write well... And whats beauty of your creations are that they are simple and still profound... you capture such small moments in beautiful words... really loving every bit of your writing.

Chriz said...

promises are meant to be broken... i am walking alone like the first commenter...

i loved the flow of the passage.. romanticquaaaa

kunal said...

nice man.. u write, i write we both write and this will go on forever..

its really a good to read u

kunal said...

blogrolled you :)

Solitaire said...

True story gabbu?

Details about the book are up on my blog.

HP said...


Prakhar said...

@ I walk alone

Thanks a lot :)...I really like writing abt those small moments..which we sometimes we miss..


...I certainly hope these promises are not broken..


Thanks !!...keep writing!

Prakhar said...


...may be its true..we have to ask someone who has been there..

btw...congrats for the book :)


Thanks :)

Keshi said...

o the charms of young blood...



Voice said...

something happened which was never before.. and this proves nothing last for forever.

So I wish u to be happy.. not to be like this forever :D

does this qualify for a poem. This is the most poetic I can be

Reflections said...

So is she reading all these lovely poems u write for her????

Simple, breathtaking....lovely!!!!!

Prakhar said...


I wl say...charm of love nd weddings :)


Sahi ja rahe ho...keep going :)... dil se likho...sab poetry hai :D

@ Reflections
...this one is not only for her..its just a moment..wanted to capture it with words...m glad you liked it :)

rain girl said...

like clicking a moment with a camera..actually, better...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i hope they keep the promises now :-)

Beauty and the BEast said...

eternity captured in poetic beauty!

Prakhar said...

@rain girl

yes..very true...its just a moment :)


I too hope the same :)

@ BnB

Thanks..I hope its for eternity! :)

d gypsy! said...

berry berry beautiful he ji...

crasiezt said...

Did this happen with you??? It's lovely is:-)

Prakhar said...


Thanku rahega ji :)


No..not till now :D...i hope it does:)

Thanks.. :)

aqua gurl said...

hey did you know...

something borrowed and something blue are 2 books by the same author...does the title come from there??

Keshi said...

ok then :)


Prakhar said...

@aqua gurl

I did not knew abt the books..the title comes from a wedding tradition/ritual "Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue"

@ Keshi

ranjana said...

something borrowed something blue. very beautiful title. reminds me of friends. i was introduced to this tradition from it.
love and an undying commitment to be with each other, always strikes a chord.

Prakhar said...


Thanks :)...I also heard it first on FRIENDS :)