Thursday, February 26, 2009


एक नकाब है

एक चेहरा है

कभी बंदा है सामने

कभी आइना...

Friday, February 20, 2009


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25. I like the number 25 ..and both of us can say "I am 25"

24. I have to have the mint taste in my mouth when I go to bed...else I can't sleep easily :( most of the times I brush my teeth...and if I am too sleepy for that...I just have a little toothpaste..JLT :D

23. Oh 23!!..I was all freaked out on my 23rd B'day..I felt like .. I have grown so old..I guess it was because it seemed very far from 20..I am sure I will again freak out on the math!

22. I want to visit Ireland someday...and Paris.. one more time!

21. I consider myself as a good dancer :D...I am a good wedding dancer ..I am a good chair not the chair tricks and all..I can dance sitting in a I do in office these days!

20. Sonam Kapoor....she is beautiful :)

19. Just had my dinner..I love Jam !! :)

18. I hate travelling (specially the trip back from home)..I wish they invent some machine for teleporting...I am willing to pay!

17. When I was 10 or 11, I used to bully this one kid on my way back from bus stop...I am ashamed of it now.

16. So after I 'Backspaced' it at 21, its back..I have really teary eyes...(I am watching TZP..what to do..)

15. I write about this girl who I think have no idea about it. You inspire me...

14. I can't paint and I can't play any instrument..but I wish I could...

13. Once and only once I tried cheating using a note ..and was caught doing that. So the invigilator who caught me, came back after 2 minutes, gave the note back and said "you got 5 minutes boy".

12. My mom used to send me to get some grocery and many times I did ' hera pheri' in the prices to accomodate my chewing gum :D

11. I love sport movies : Remember the Titans, Miracle, Gridiron Gang, We Are Marshalls, Glory road...and many more (Kindly mention few more..)

10. One summer vacation we went to my uncle's place. One night us kids were sleeping on the floor and I had a bad dream about snake and I shouted "SAAAAAAAAAANP". Lights were turned on and would you believe it there was an actual snake..sitting near my head...freakish aint it! ..I really dread snakes (just checked my surroundings..there isn't any around)

9. There was a time when phone network was not this well spread, I used to write letters. Postcards used to cost some 15 paise and Inlands were 75 paise, but there was lots of space on those Inlands so I preferred cute little postcards. Mostly I wrote to my grandparents and they always replied :)...haven't seen them in last two years..will definitely visit them this summer.

8. I am not an avid reader but I read books on recommendation or the books which appeals to me in book store. Last one I read ..Anything for you Ma'am...sweet one!

7. I joined Karate classes when I was 9 or my 13th b'day I was no longer interested in kicking people around...also I admit cricket was more fun. So this one day I decided to protest but my dad "Persuaded" me for Karate classes. I took out my bi-cycle and started pedalling ...mid way I saw kids playing cricket and the rebel was reborn. At the very moment I devised a fool-proof plan..I took out the valve of the tyre and a flat tyre story to tell ...but the valve did not went back...I still took my chances and returned home , told my dad about the flat tyre. Somehow he was not convinced and went to inspect the bi-cycle ...and as he came back I heard someone on TV "Rishtey me to hum tumhare.... ......"

6. I used to be all grumpy on my sister's b'day, just because she got to cut the cake...

5. While on road my favorite timepass is observing number plates.

4. I want to see Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Fedrer play (not on tv silly :P).

3. I am really sleepy now....when I was little...I used to easily doze off in a chair and was famous for it :D

2. I am confused about what I want from life.

1. I want to be remembered in this world after I am gone.


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Friday, February 13, 2009

What is it?

I have to tell you this...

Foggy winter morning
is that yellow top
..and the day will be brightened
with that charming smile... your heart melting smile!

twinkling evening star
glitzy diamond earrings
why you out shined them?
with that facial glow..your sparky sparkling glow!

Am I intoxicated?
drunk on winy shades?
mesmerized I your beautiful eyes
in those deep eyes..your big browny eyes!

So my pretty lady..tell me

Am I a bit ..foolish?
Am I little ..crazy?
Am I just ..hopeless?

or I am just a little bit...into you..

ps: Happy Valentine's Day!
pps: 4 Years..of us

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


कुछ तराने हैं ज़हन में
गाता हुं कुछ पल के लिये

बेफ़िक्र हर बात से
झूमता हुं कुछ पल के लिये

कहानियां कुछ मेरी अपनी सी
पढता हुं कुछ पल के लिये

कश्मकश इस दिल की...मेरे मन की
लिखता हुं कुछ पल के लिये

खूबसूरत है जहां भी...ज़र्रा भी
देखता हुं कुछ पल के लिये

यादगार है एक लम्हा भी
ठहरता हुं कुछ पल के लिये

करीब हो कर भी जो दूर हैं
करता हुं याद कुछ पल के लिये

आसमां मे है एक खुदा भी
करता हुं फ़रियाद कुछ पल के लिये

कुछ पल के लिये ... खुश हुं मैं
...कुछ पल के लिये