Thursday, February 26, 2009


एक नकाब है

एक चेहरा है

कभी बंदा है सामने

कभी आइना...


Voice said...

nice thought

deepshikha gupta said...

tell me one thing
how do u write so beautifully

i don't know you but still am a big fan of yours

once again lovely creation

Anand said...

Ahaa..kya baat hai.
Main phir aaonga..
Anand. :-)

Still thinking said...

I'm thoughtful.

joiedevivre said...

contrast text..

Prakhar said...


Thanks dost! :)


Thanks for such lovely words...I just write what I feel..

I was wondering...where is your blog??..I lost the link..and your profile doesn't show any???


Dhanyawaad...aapka swagat hai...aur hamesha rahega :D

@Still Thinking

Well..thats good :)


haan contrast to hai ...

deepshikha gupta said...

i have deleted it..
nice song btw

Reflections said...

wah, wah...kya baat hai!!!!!


p.s: u knw I cdnt help noticing tht in 2008 u had a total of 19 posts & in 2009 its not been 3 months & u've already posted 14:-D. Touchwood;-P.