Friday, February 13, 2009

What is it?

I have to tell you this...

Foggy winter morning
is that yellow top
..and the day will be brightened
with that charming smile... your heart melting smile!

twinkling evening star
glitzy diamond earrings
why you out shined them?
with that facial glow..your sparky sparkling glow!

Am I intoxicated?
drunk on winy shades?
mesmerized I your beautiful eyes
in those deep eyes..your big browny eyes!

So my pretty lady..tell me

Am I a bit ..foolish?
Am I little ..crazy?
Am I just ..hopeless?

or I am just a little bit...into you..

ps: Happy Valentine's Day!
pps: 4 Years..of us


shahid said...

Foolish??... Crazy?? .. hopeles??

oh yes the line thereafter justifies it all

'or I am just a little bit ..into you'

cheesy it sounds ??.... but thats the way it should be

A fitting V day post [:)]
Happy Valentine's Day to one an all.

Voice said...

pps: 4 Years..of us

yeh kya hai??

>>Happy Valentine's Day to one an all.
aur yeh kya hai

dont tell me tum dono ka secret lovers?

Voice said...

coming to this poem..

you are intoxicated for sure :)

happy valentine

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

aww.. this is so cute :-)

Happy Valentines Day!!

Keshi said...

mebbe ur a lil bit into me then, just like Im a lil bit into ya ;-)

Nice one mate!


Reflections said...

Ur poem is shining, reflecting & so wht if u r a bit foolish.....hopeless, there is a bit of tht in all of us:-)).

Hope ur V day was good!!!!!!

everything burns... said...

lucky girl :) to inspire those words....

Prakhar said...


Happy Valentines day dude :P...nd yes it got a bit cheesy for my taste...but i like it :D


4 years of us...well dun get ne ideas..its just me nd my blog into 4th year :P


Thanks..nd I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Prakhar said...


Very very true...m a lil more into you :P

Thanks :)


Thanks for such lovely words!

So how was your V-Day..more of "Mahi" Ve?? :P

@everything burns

well...I wish she knew how lucky she is :D..quite inspiring indeed.

Still thinking said...

Oye, you're so much into her :D

4 years. Happy for ya and wishing you eternal happiness.

Reflections said...

Came to chk if u put the tag up...

deepshikha gupta said...

amazing and mesmerizing

and i guess we all become a foolish crazy and hopeless

Prakhar said...

@Still Thinking

..i guess thats true..nd thanks for the wishes...i wish you exactly the same :)

Thanks a lot..i guess we some point of time or another..