Friday, March 13, 2009


कल शाम देखा आसमां
माहताब ना था

फ़लक ढका अब्र से
पर बरसा ना था

आरज़ू इस दिल की
खामोश मन्नत थी...सुनी तुमने?

सडक देखी खिडकी से आज
भीगी सी, इतराती सी

रही होगी महक कुछ देर
सौंधी सी, अपनी सी

पर मैं ना था

देखा ना तुमने...मैं नहीं था

तो ये अरज मेरी...कि कल फ़िर
एक बार फ़िर...बरसो ना...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


मैं शराबी नहीं...

छलका ज़रूर था जाम
लेकिन मैं शराबी नहीं

बेपरवाह झूमा था कभी
पर मैं शराबी नहीं

थोडा सा बहका था तभी
पर मैं शराबी नहीं

अब गम है की खाली है जाम
लेकिन मैं शराबी नहीं

बची एक अनबुझी प्यास है उसकी
लेकिन वो शराब नहीं...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Two days of hope...

(Kindly read the previous post before reading this one) was his uncle, I explained everything to him and when he talked to the kid it felt like we have achieved something.
Only a few words exchanged and the kid got emotional and so were all of us (somehow I held back my tears). I just hugged the kid..

Next day me and F went to meet the kid's family (his Mother and Uncle). We met the person in-charge for custody transfer, this really sweet lady, who told us about all the legal procedures to be followed to get the custody of the Kid (Its a very cumbersome process)

We heard the entire story about how the kid landed in this place, how he was taken from his home town (or he left??) by this hotel manager in whose hotel he worked for 2 months and then fled away one day to be caught by some NGO who bought him to this place. Also we came to know that this will be filed as a case of Child Labor and hence will take lot of time unless the accused is produced before the committee. Then we met the superintendent of the center, he was really frank about everything and did not minced his words. He told us about all the horrific things some children have to go through and how bad the world really is (even the parents and relatives).

Then came the difficult task, to convince the hotel manager to appear in front of the committee. F and me went to the hotel, but manager was not there. We took the number and called him, he asked us to wait. As we were waiting we decided upon what to say to him, what can be the best strategy to convince him.
When he arrived, I was shocked, he was this innocent looking old man with a pleasant smile (I imagined him to be some tough guy with villainous looks). F did all the talking as he knew the local language (I so hated myself for not knowing it) and somehow he convinced the old man (Hats off to you man!!). Destiny??

Next morning I woke up early , probably first time on a Monday. I went to office early to put some hours before the hearing. At 10:30 I collected the verification documents which came in fax and went to the hearing. Hotel manager was true to his word, he came and was scolded and threatened (of Police case) by the committee judge. We met the judge and requested him for quick reunion between the family and the kid..and then we left with our fingers crossed.
The kid called me when he boarded the bus home. I gave him some pep talk and he promised that he won't get into trouble anymore.

In two days everything changed for the kid and his family.

I wanted to see him one more time, but I guess it was his destiny and my part in it was over...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Take me home... you believe in it?
I do. I think it was his destiny and we were there to play our part in it.
As I am writing these lines he is moving closer to the place and people he left (was forced to leave?? not sure) three months ago.

F called me "Hi Prakhar, Are you coming today?"

"Yeah sure"

"..but the regular kids won't be there, they went for that won't be of much good"

"hmmm...thats true..lets skip it today then"

"ok then...I will tell others"

I started my lunch and was making plans for the extra hours I will rang again, it was F

"Prakhar, R wants to go...she has nothing to do"

"lets go then"

"good...see you there"

It was going on pretty smooth, usual Saturday afternoon..we outnumbered the kids for the very first time.
I went out to see what was going .on ..F and A told me about the address and the phone number they got from one of the kid. The phone number was of kid's school. We decided to write letter to kid's mother and call the school on Monday. It was to be written in hindi so I wrote it. As I completed it, I thought why not call right now and I did.
Luckily someone at school picked up the phone and I told them everything about the kid. They told me they will contact kid's relatives.

Deep inside I felt (more kind of wished) that it will work. Few minutes later, my phone rang...

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I am the water in the bottle
struggling to flow by

A bird in the cage
dreaming the flight in blue sky

Oh my lord
Oh dear god

I am strong for the bottle
just give me the wings to fly

let me be free
let me be free..