Sunday, March 01, 2009


I am the water in the bottle
struggling to flow by

A bird in the cage
dreaming the flight in blue sky

Oh my lord
Oh dear god

I am strong for the bottle
just give me the wings to fly

let me be free
let me be free..


Anonymous said...



Adisha said...

Such helplessness and hope... Wonderful !!

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Prakhar said...


Thanks dost :)


yes..there is hope...but its fading away..and thank you too for stopping by :)

deepshikha gupta said...

i like this the best..
i dont have right words for it
just that
i want to use some lines in my blog
if you dont mind..
pls reply so that i can post my blog


Prakhar said...


Please..go ahead and use it..I wud love to read it! :)

commited to life said...


my blog address is

and i havnt used ur poem in my post but as an intro to my blog
you can tell me if its not acceptable with you.. i will delete it..

and i have listed you in my blog
again you do tell me if that fine with you

will look forward to your visit


Prakhar said...

Well I am honored...really...thanks a lot...for liking it so much !

Everything is great with me :)