Monday, March 02, 2009

Take me home... you believe in it?
I do. I think it was his destiny and we were there to play our part in it.
As I am writing these lines he is moving closer to the place and people he left (was forced to leave?? not sure) three months ago.

F called me "Hi Prakhar, Are you coming today?"

"Yeah sure"

"..but the regular kids won't be there, they went for that won't be of much good"

"hmmm...thats true..lets skip it today then"

"ok then...I will tell others"

I started my lunch and was making plans for the extra hours I will rang again, it was F

"Prakhar, R wants to go...she has nothing to do"

"lets go then"

"good...see you there"

It was going on pretty smooth, usual Saturday afternoon..we outnumbered the kids for the very first time.
I went out to see what was going .on ..F and A told me about the address and the phone number they got from one of the kid. The phone number was of kid's school. We decided to write letter to kid's mother and call the school on Monday. It was to be written in hindi so I wrote it. As I completed it, I thought why not call right now and I did.
Luckily someone at school picked up the phone and I told them everything about the kid. They told me they will contact kid's relatives.

Deep inside I felt (more kind of wished) that it will work. Few minutes later, my phone rang...


Voice said...

as they say.. a good deed never goes unpaid

Adisha said...

I'm sorry, but I didnt' really get the context of the post...


crasiezt said...

*scratches head feeling dumb*
I so totally didn't get it to explain??

Prakhar said...


Well..just the pleasure of doing something good for others is sufficient for me :)

@Adisha & Crasiezt

Its incomplete....kindly read the following post..I hope it will be clear then!

Anjuli said...

this place? as in? want to know more, are u in Mumbai?

Prakhar said...


No..m not in mumbai..bangalore! :)

workhard said...

was kinda lost my self..about the post.. going to the next one now