Tuesday, April 28, 2009


खून बहा मेरा
सुर्ख सा
मिला जाके पानी में
हल्का पड गया
वो हंसा
तुम हंसे
और बोले
आओ खेलें होली
आखिर रंग ही तो है

खून बहा तुम्हारा
रंग ना पूछो कैसा
मिले उसमें बेगैरत आंसु
चटक लाल हो गया
शहीद हो गया
मैं हंसा
मैं खूब हंसा
उसने कहा
मारो इसे..खत्म कर दो
और मै हत्यारा हो गया

Friday, April 17, 2009

I can...

I want to jump off the cliff
but I am afraid to die
I may hit the ground
and yet survive..
but the fear has gripped me
and I am living by..

You know..before I fall
I want to soar high
A bit closer
to my blue sky
So I promise
One day..
I will jump off that cliff
I believe I can fly..

Monday, April 06, 2009

गिरते हैं शह-सवार ही....

This morning I saw a little boy taking out his bicycle. He tried riding it but fell after a few pedals. There was no one behind him to help him out, yet he was not at all perturbed with that fall.
He rose again, checked his bike then checked himself, his knee was a bit bruised. He looked at the bruise and proudly smiled. He rode the bike again and few more pedals this time he again fell.
This time it was a bad fall but to my astonishment he got up, shrugged off the dirt , and a bit angrily kicked the stupid bike. He tried again and again and again...couple of more falls and he finally got the trick.
He turned back, and started pedaling towards me. I could see him smiling from a distance, as he came closer he looked into my eyes as if saying "old man this one's for you" and then he left the handle... put his hands out like a bird and he fled away...