Tuesday, April 28, 2009


खून बहा मेरा
सुर्ख सा
मिला जाके पानी में
हल्का पड गया
वो हंसा
तुम हंसे
और बोले
आओ खेलें होली
आखिर रंग ही तो है

खून बहा तुम्हारा
रंग ना पूछो कैसा
मिले उसमें बेगैरत आंसु
चटक लाल हो गया
शहीद हो गया
मैं हंसा
मैं खूब हंसा
उसने कहा
मारो इसे..खत्म कर दो
और मै हत्यारा हो गया


Creation said...

Oh my gawdd!!!

What a striking poem!!

You should seriously consider publishing an anthology of your poems.. they are such wonderful pieces of art!

commited to life said...

amazed at the irony
and by the simple words you gave it

Voice said...

mast :)

Prakhar said...


Thanks a lot dear :)...let me write a few more ...then i will give it a shot :D


Thanks!!..indeed it was the irony which inspired this one!


Dhanyawad dost! :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

read it twice..
Think i have understood it now.

joiedevivre said...

baap re!! yeh kuch jyada hi aacha tha..
shayad bohot hi aachaa..

Amrita~Ams said...

o le..mast hai..i means..gr8 hai...just wow ! :)

Still thinking said...

Sab theek thaak?
Will you please explain, sorry, I'm just not being able to figure it out?

crasiezt said...

Aila!! So serious and so good..I'm still feeling a lil shaken up by your poem..you're really something!

Prakhar said...


Thanks :)


Dhanyawaad..bahot bahot :)


Thanku ji :)

Prakhar said...

@Still thinking

Haan sab peace :)..

Its about the difference in the death of a common man..and a politician...inspired by "Rang de basanti"

Thank u:)..glad u liked it :)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

thats a wow:)

Keshi said...

Hey Prakar hows u? Come n check my blog :) I hv some good news!


Beauty and the BEast said...

That was deep. You really have a knack of conveying depth with the least of words...


And thanks for getting the book, now I am biting my fingernails in eager anticipation of your feedback :O

Prakhar said...


Thanks :)


m good...nd congrats once again :)

@B n B

Thanks :)...nd I just cant write more words even if I want to...so I try to write something short and meaningful :)

and i luvd the book :)