Friday, April 17, 2009

I can...

I want to jump off the cliff
but I am afraid to die
I may hit the ground
and yet survive..
but the fear has gripped me
and I am living by..

You know..before I fall
I want to soar high
A bit closer
to my blue sky
So I promise
One day..
I will jump off that cliff
I believe I can fly..


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

quite insightful :-)

Creation said...

A pleasant read; could completely connect to it.
The fear of failure, the weight of all the disappointments that pulls you down... yet there's hope and there's still courage left to chase your dreams... to take the leap and fly someday.

Fantstically expressed!
Especially loved the simplicity! :-)

Keep bloggign

Voice said...

This poem doesnot make much sense to me.

In first para
he is afraid to die and to live also

But I simply loved this poem.

Prakhar said...

@ Raaji

Thanks a lot :)

@ Creation

You got it spot on!...thats exactly what I wanted to convey.

Thanks a lot :)

@ Bhav

m glad u liked it ...thanks :)

Keshi said...

beautiful and encouraging post!

We CAN fly if we BELIEVE.


Megs said...

Nice read ...:)

shahid said...

continuing from where u left off..

May be you can just jump off the cliff and see yourself in the sky.
May be you can discover the pangs
of fear slowly fading by
May be you can then come to terms
with your own strength and the subsequent joy.
May be you just need a gentle shove and you'll soar so high.
May be you will then realize
that you could always fly.

Great thoughts Prakhar... we need to blv in things .. but fear holds us back.

Prakhar said...

@ Keshi

Yes We Can! :)

@ Megs

Thanks :)

@ Shahid

You got it...may be..wat u say comes true...till then ...lets fight!

Still thinking said...

Dude, please use a parachute, I'm concerned you know! :p

If you believe you will :)

workhard said...

LOL.. although the poem is pretty good. i dont think you should do that :)


Reflections said...

Beautiful Prakhar....absolutely wow...

I may not understand poetry all tht much but cd understand the potential of those last 2 lines....they just turned the poem around.


Beauty and the BEast said...


That left me speechless...