Sunday, May 31, 2009

Knots and No Crosses

She is funny, she is cool ,she is many more adjectives with superlatives or you can say she is just fanatbulous.She is your dream girl. That's Bobo for you.

It has drama, it has melodrama , it has songs, it has item number or simply its very Indian. Amid all the confusion and in all its gaiety, that's the Wedding for you.

And our protagonist, Akkie . Well what about him? The entire book is about him. You got to read the book to know the man.

Many of the characters seems so real that it feels like you know them or have met them somewhere. Rest of the characters are also very believable and the way author presents them, you want to meet them, someone like Bobo.It makes me wish to find my Bobo :D.

To be honest ,I felt the book takes its time to pick up the pace, first few chapters keep going smooth like a neat scotch and after few rounds of scotch come the tequila shots, one after the other, leaving you craving for more.

The story can definitely be portrayed on big screen and it will make a good watch as its a great read.
Pick it up any given Sunday with some cold coffee (I prefer cold) and it will make your day.

Very well done Hitesha when is the next one coming?


d gypsy! said...

uh , u finished it?

me still have to buy it... :x

sounds gud nuff... but why do u say on big screen... doesn't that make the book a lil too bollywood-ish

Prakhar said...

@d gypsy!

hehe..i luvd it...I knew I wont go to bookstore so ordered it online... m lazy bum :D

I wont call it bollywood-ish...the story creates a great visual..thts why i think it will look good on screen...

it has all the....hmm no...wont tell you :P
you get your copy first ...and then we will discuss :D

Divya said...

hmm...another one to get..good!...but such temptations are not good for me right now :(

and another good for a new post...i hate reading 'khun baha mera' the first line on your blog :(

Voice said...

please marna mat but yeh kaun sa book hai?

Prakhar said...


hahah...exam do pahle :P...after that you wl have all the time in the world to read the book :)

arre..I liked the poem...and its not only my khoon after all :)


Knots and No Crosses hai book ka naam!

Crimson Feet said...

heyy... your review now there on the Knots and No Crosses site... check