Monday, June 15, 2009


Two scarlet drops
and a short note
Both came out
from my heart
but not you...

A lifeless moment
captured in the past
Ripped apart...torn in two halves
destroyed from the picture
yet safe in my mind..

The pain, I thought
would ease up this way
For very long,
I was strong..
may be I still am
you were my strength, still are

What shall I do?
Why this realization
came so late?

Slashed wrist..
..light begins to fade..


commited to life said...

nice one.. yet again.. lil scary though
wish memories kud be destroyed simply by destroping the memories
alas! that doesnt happen..

p.s nice song. which movie?

Voice said...

Poetry is definitely your strength..

lekin yeh kuchh jama nahi

Still thinking said...

Though late the realisation did come - so will there be peace now?

Dark but beautiful :)

rain girl said...

somehow, i feel, you could have expressed better...

i like the last two paras... :)

joiedevivre said...

i lost the link somwhere in between

Beauty and the BEast said...

tragic... quite.. I wish there wasnt so much of pain associated with heartache..

cause without heartache one wouldn't really appreciate the magic of love..

Prakhar said...


Thanks dear!...exactly my point..memories are not destroyed by simply destroying something related to them...

song is from movie Aamir.


Thanks for ur honest opinion :)...waise topic nahi jama ya poori hi nahi jami...ab pressure aa gaya hai acchi likhni padegi next :)

Prakhar said...

@Still Thinking

Yes,everything at peace :)and certainly the realization is important!

@Rain Girl

Thanks a lot!

You are always honest with your comments...I wish you visit my blog more often :)

Prakhar said...


oops...sorry abt that :)...wl try my best in the next one!

@B n B


Indeed it is the magic of love.. for me it is the "Strength" of love that keeps one going even in heartache! :)