Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Alive..still alive

Smiling so fake
Looking so vague
Staring into space
Hiding some mistakes
Falling into pattern
Running a rat-race
waiting for miracle..
..sitting on lazy a@#

Wrote this non-sense
in a destructive mode
ticking to explode...
ticking to implode...


Beauty and the BEast said...

oh oh...

a) dont sound like nonsense to me

b)glad you wrote when frustrated... helps me when I am down

hope you feel better soon!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ah... so good... so good :-)

Voice said...

frust aatma :(

shahid said...

true ..its only a matter of time before we explode

commited to life said...
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commited to life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
commited to life said...

sorry this was my first reaction when i read this..
btw your nonsense is also good..
nice one.. depicts the frustration the agitation so aptly..

Creation said...

f this is how you explode.. so poetically.. may you explode a thousand times more!

Very entertaining, certainly! :-)

Still thinking said...

Aila! Kya hua?

All well? :)

Prakhar said...

@B n B

Thanks :)..well I feel better was one of those moments..just scribbled watever came to mind

@ Raaji

Thanks dear :)

@ Bhav

Actually jab likha tab utna frust nahi the...but at times hote hain!

Prakhar said...

@ Shahid

Haan dost...explode is alrite..implode nahi hona chahiye :D

@ Deepshikha

haan frustration ke frustration me likha tha :D

Prakhar said...


Thanks a lot :)..well i wish I cud explode poetically everytime :)

@Still Thinking

Kuch nahi...bas yunhi :)..ab peace hai :D

Voice said...

i didn't like it...
too frust

Prakhar said...


Sorry abt that...but I admit it is frust...coz its meant to be :)