Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aahun Aahun Aahun

They settled down in cane chairs ,facing each other.

Why don't you say something?
What? Why do I have to start the conversation? If I start I am a 'Chatter Box' and if I don't I am 'Not Interested'.

Ok...Weather seems nice,its a beautiful evening.
...I bet it will rain tonight.

Do I look alright?
You are looking lovely,even better than your Facebook picture.

Am I looking good?
You don't look as 'Geek' as I thought you would.

These biscuits look home baked; you bake too! That's awesome!
Just have one, I didn't baked them, Mom did.
No no...I don't want them.

The garden looks nice, very thoughtful gardner.
I love gardening, those chrysanthemums came pretty well this year.

Why are you smiling?
Something on my nose?
Do my hair look funny?

He heard a huge laughter, two ladies were coming toward them.

What? They are also laughing at me?

Ladies reached their table. One of them put a tray on the table. It was tea.

"What happened? Why are you two not talking?" His mom quizzed.
"Both feeling shy" Her mother explained.
"Come on ...have a chat" His mother instructed.
"Talk about anything" Her mother suggested.

Ladies left the two to the silence.

"Sugar?" She politely asked
"Four cubes please" He sweetly answered.

Friday, July 24, 2009


They came out of the room.Her hand around his waist and forehead brushing his broad chest.
"Lets stay here for few minutes" She said to him.

She had chosen the perfect spot, it was behind the pillar. She knew no one was present on their floor and now no one could see them from the floor below.

She gently pushed him against the wall.There was a glitter in her eyes when she looked at him. It was not like she was seeing him after a long time, in fact they saw each other almost everyday,but days like this were very rare and very special.

Both her hands were on his waist.She again looked at him. His attire always seemed perfect to her; cotton shirts with cuffing, matching trousers and occasionally he wore ties. Today she felt something was amiss.

"Stay here...I will be back in a moment" She knew it was getting late so she hurried back into the room and moments later came out with a blissful smile on her face. She felt proud as if she had found the missing piece of the puzzle.He was still standing at the same place she left him.

"Here you go" She showed him the treasure she found in the room. It was a gray and black muffler. "Its really warm and looks great on you". He did not said anything. His gaze was fixed on her. She always knew what looked best on him. She perfectly wrapped it around his neck and after adjusting it on his shirt her fingers moved to his chiseled jawline. She held his face in her palms.

"You know...what I like the best in you" She was whispering.
"You don't judge me, you accept me as I am"
"And with you I can share anything, my joys, my problems; small problems ,big problems , all of them. I don't expect solutions...well sometimes I do, but the important thing is you listen. You always listen, so calmly so patiently, I always want to bare my heart and soul to you"

She was lost in her own words.
"I know I can't marry you, but that does not change a thing, it does not change the way I feel about you. With every passing day its getting stronger" Her lips were coming closer to his face and her eyes were getting filled.

"I love you...yesterday, today, everyday" She was tiptoed, millimeters away from kissing his lip.

"Meera!!" someone shouted from the ground floor.

She knew it was Shelly. She closed her eyes and gently put a peck on his cheek, a tear ran down her cheek.

"Meera!! Are you up there?"

She wiped the tear and came out from behind the pillar.

"Yeah Shelly...I am here"

"Oh great!...Dear the store is about to open, can you please put that mannequin at display"

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Do you know who I am?
Do you know who 'you' are?
I know who you are...

Do you remember your crimes?
Do you remember any particular sin?
I remember...

Do you have any regrets?
Will you ever have any remorse?
I won't...
I am ready to pay for it.
Are you..?
You will

He took out the picture and showed it to the man lying on his feet.

I loved her...

He shot him in the head. Twice.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

!!Blues ...Morning blues!!

He was sleeping.

She was awake
Alarm clock read 6:20 AM.

"I should call him" she said to herself.She picked up the cordless and started punching his number. As she put in the last digit, she couldn't stop the smile coming to her face. It was a proud smile. Phone at other end was ringing.

He was dreaming and suddenly somewhere a song started

Dil me mere hai dard-e-disco...dard-e-disco..dard-e-disco

Still dreaming. He looked around
"Where is the sound coming from? Are they shooting the song somewhere?"
"I must rush...must meet SRK"
"Deepika is here...where is SRK?...they are shooting it with Deepika now"
"WOW!!...she looks gorgeous!!"
And then the song ended.

"Must be sleeping" she thought.
She got up , brushed her teeth and came back to check the alarm clock.
"Its only 6:35, let him sleep. I should get ready for office"
"Office!!...he should not get late for office...its almost 7 " she picked up the phone and hit redial.

He was dreaming. He was on a date.
"So Deepika, other than acting what are your interests??"
"You know...I love playing badminton"
"That's great , even I am a good badminton player, we should play mixed doubles"
Deepika was giggling when it started again

Dil me mere hai dard-e-disco...dard-e-disco..dard-e-disco

He was bewildered.
"Deepika, can you hear that?Where is the song being played?"
"Its your phone silly" She giggled again.

He was out of the dream. Half asleep, he fished out the phone from the sea of blankets and pillows.
"Hi Sleepy Head...Goooood Morning"
"Who is it?"
"Take a guess" She giggled
"Deepika!!!" He was coming out of sleep.
"Which Deepika??"
"In your dreams your dreams" She was giggling again.
He was confused.
"Wake up dear...wake up"
"Tell me ..who is it?" He was now three fourth asleep.
"Your feeeeyaance " She said it as if she had practiced it all night, and then she giggled again.
"But I am not engaged yet" He was trying hard to utter some words that made sense.
"I know, officially we will be engaged in two weeks..I was just getting familiar with the word"
"Now get up ..its already 7 will get late for the office"
"Aaaahhh!!" his head was thumping.
"What happened everything alright?" Her voice and mood shifted gears. Romantic to Worried.
"Hangover....BAD Hangover!!" .
"You DRINK!!!" Worried to Angry.
"I knew it, all men are drunkards...but I trusted you and you broke my trust" Angry was trying to change to Sobbing
"We are not even married yet and you have already started lying to me" Totally Sobbing.
"But I ..."
"Don't you dare say a word with that alcoholic breath" Sobbing to Angry to Sobbing.
She hung up.

He threw the phone and went back in search of Deepika. After wandering for a long time, he spotted Deepika. She was playing Badminton with his room-mate.
"What the hell!! I provided the roof over his head and he stabbed me in the back"
As he furiously started walking, the song started again

Wo Haseena wo neelam pari...kar gayi kaisi jadugari

He was out of his dream.
"Ok, I forgive you this time...but only this once and only if you promise not to drink again"
"And no more lies, I want to start our relationship on truths. Only truths and nothing but truths"
"Listen to me.." As he started explaining to her, his cell buzzed, there was another call waiting.
"Hold on, another call is coming"
"Who is it?" She demanded an immediate answer.
"Nikita.. who???"
"My girlfriend" As soon as he spoke the words, he regretted speaking them. The rocket was launched and there was no turning back.

He tried to start the damage control, but it was already too late
"What???? You have a girlfriend"
To say she was furious would be an understatement.
"First you drink and now you have a girlfriend...and you want to marry me....What do you think? Am I a fool or something?"

Swift gear change: Angry to Crying.

"I should not have trusted you at the first place.." Now he could hear the tears dropping on the phone.

"Its all my mistake...I should have checked...the decision I was making"

He, unable to bear the headache and crying , shouted

"Thats right!!.... you should have also checked the number you were dialing"

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


He pushed the door. It was dark inside, a bit darker than outside; just like he was.First gasp of air filled his nostrils with the smell of burning tobacco and alcoholic breaths. His head was already light.The band was playing Bob Dylan's "Rolling Stone" .

He had always liked the place, live music ,good food and a great view of the city.It was never crowded, but had some loyal patrons and he was one of them. He knew almost all the waiters and bar-tenders by their first names and they knew him as the nice guy who always tipped handsomely.

He looked at the tables, few couples were there, some foreigners and a group of three or four people.His regular table was vacant, which had the best view of the city's skyline. He had spent some wonderful evenings at that table ,some of which ended with he and his friends singing songs with strangers, and some having the last drink with the staff.Today it was different.

"It might end different too ", he thought.

All those evenings he used to look at the bar and wonder how some people spent the entire evening by themselves, sitting there, talking only to the bar-tender. Lokesh was attending the bar today. He saw an old man sitting at the corner of the bar.

He again looked at his favorite table and then walked to the bar."Why ruin the happy memories...table doesn't have to know I came alone tonight"

"Hi Lokesh"

"Hello are you?"

"been better" He smiled wryly

"The usual please....make it double!"

"Sure Sir"

He took out the ring and put it on the bar. There was slight discoloration on his finger. He was looking at it, when Lokesh silently put the glass of whiskey beside the ring.

"What's her name?"

It was the old man.


"Lovely name!!"

"Lovely wife! " He gave a half-hearted smile.


"Big One" He said. "Yet again" He thought.

There was silence for couple of minutes, he sipped his whiskey.

"You know we were not like this, but things changed... we changed" he tried getting things off his chest.

"I don't know what happened, it feels like the connection is not there any more..somewhere we lost the love....we had.. "

" we had some beautiful evenings at this very table..."

"Table 11??"

" has.."

"the best view.." Old man was finishing the sentences.

Lights were dimmed for the next performance.The band started playing Eva Cassidy's "Time After Time"

"That's her favorite song.."

"Lokesh...repeat the drink"

He sat silently..listening to the song.

As the song ended, old man turned to him

"What now?"

"I do not know...I will stay here for a while"

"And she?"

The question annoyed him,but it was the answer that bothered him the most. He knew she would wait for him and then would go to sleep. He remained quiet, took a big sip and quipped

"What about you old man?"

He looked at his wrinkled hand, there was no ring.

"I am here for her" Old man raised his ring-less hand

He remained silent.

It was old man's turn.

"You know... its not about the ring...its about the mark which grows under it....different from everything else around it..protected from everything.."

"It takes time...but its all about the mark.."

"Its her mark on me.." Old man again raised his hand..this time he noticed the deep discoloration around the finger.

The band was preparing for the last song of the evening, as the lead singer announced
"We will try "Nothing else Matters" by Metallica" , his cell phone buzzed, it was a SMS

Sorry about everything..please come back...Luv Nisha

"Lokesh ..check please" He was still staring at the message.

He picked up the ring, wore it and looked around, old man was not there.

"Wise old man" he said to himself.

He looked the bill, it had "Table 11" written on it.

"Hey Lokesh, I didn't took Table 11 today" he smiled on bar-tender's mistake.

"...and please put old man's bill on me"

Lokesh was puzzled,

"Sir earlier you were sitting at table 11"

"I was??"

"Yes went out for smoke then you came to the bar"

"....and you came alone tonight...which old man are you talking about? "

He looked around, his head was spinning.

"Are you all right sir?"

"Shall I call a cab? "

Friday, July 03, 2009

What if..

In a man's life, comes a time when he looks back and ponders "What if....?"
What if this...What if that.
In an average man's life there is handful of "What ifs". So when "What ifs" start overflowing, 'the man' inside the man wakes up and decides to take control of the situation. One fine day he decides to address the very first "What if" he can remember...



Dear M

Do you remember your first day at our school?

It was raining that day. I first saw you when you boarded the school bus. Rain drops dripping on your cheeks and your eyes, a little naughty and little frightened, looking for a vacant seat. I glanced at you from the corner of my eye and tried very hard to pretend that I did not saw you and was not interested in the new girl in the class.

Do you remember that day?
I loved you that day.

Our school farewell. Class 12th.
First time I saw you in Saari. You looked beautiful, I think you knew that.

The blue earrings. They were incredible, bouncing at every step and sparkling at every smile.

Do you remember those earrings?
That was the last time I saw them.

Do you remember that day?
Last time I saw you.

I loved you that day.

In college, I guess it was my 3rd year, one late night I was hanging out with my friends.
It was a full moon night. That evening, Moon changed its color thrice. When it came up it was this lazy orange as if waking up after a long sleep, then it changed to canary yellow, brightening the night and finally to white, pure and serene. It was a beautiful evening.
First time I was lonely amongst my friends. I wished you were there that night, I missed you that night.

I remember that night.

I loved you that night.

These days, I think about you, about the time we spent together and about all the small things which reminds me of you.

Rains...Clouds..Eyes.. Earrings...Moon...

I write about them. I throw some words around them, jumble them and try to derive some meaning out,but without you they are only words, all meaningless.

Today I want to tell you....

I loved you then, I love you now and will love you all my life.


Then comes the next 'fine' day, man awaits the results of his expeditions and sometimes it is beyond expectations....



Dear J,

How have you been?
It was really nostalgic reading your mail, of course I remember all those days. Its just that I remember them a bit differently..

The first day in school, I remember it was you who told me the wrong bus timings, that's why I got drenched in that fu*+#in rain and if I remember correctly you were ogling me in the bus as there was no 'corner' in your eyes, you Fat Ba&#@$^!!

I wanted to beat you the ground.
Just remember that day.

School farewell was the same, you and your geek brigade were all drooling over me , like little boys in candy store, so I safely assumed that I must be looking good.

Those blue earrings were my grandma’s, which you know very well so don't try to act smart. Stop this 'emotional attyachaar’, You Moron!

I wanted to kick your ...
Just remember that day!!

Your college night..even I remember that ,you a@$&% !!
That was the day you found me on Orkut and sent that cheesy Add Me request. My life has been hell from that day. Just stop visiting my profile everyday.. You Sicko!

I was a fool then.
I really regret that day..

You even found me on blogger, You Dog. One thing I admit, those poems are coming good but I am not that stupid that I didn't realize that you were referring me in them. You are not that smart, you Dump Fat Ra**$#. So just stop it and don't bother commenting on my blog...You Psycho!

Well...if you are still reading, it felt really good, shoving all of that in your face..You Pig!

I never hated you..but was always whisker away from it. Congratulations you finally managed that!

Please don't bother replying. I have changed my mail-id, deleted my orkut profile and changed the url of my blog.

Have a good life!


But 'the man' takes everything in his stride and starts again...


Dear N

Do you remember………