Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aahun Aahun Aahun

They settled down in cane chairs ,facing each other.

Why don't you say something?
What? Why do I have to start the conversation? If I start I am a 'Chatter Box' and if I don't I am 'Not Interested'.

Ok...Weather seems nice,its a beautiful evening.
...I bet it will rain tonight.

Do I look alright?
You are looking lovely,even better than your Facebook picture.

Am I looking good?
You don't look as 'Geek' as I thought you would.

These biscuits look home baked; you bake too! That's awesome!
Just have one, I didn't baked them, Mom did.
No no...I don't want them.

The garden looks nice, very thoughtful gardner.
I love gardening, those chrysanthemums came pretty well this year.

Why are you smiling?
Something on my nose?
Do my hair look funny?

He heard a huge laughter, two ladies were coming toward them.

What? They are also laughing at me?

Ladies reached their table. One of them put a tray on the table. It was tea.

"What happened? Why are you two not talking?" His mom quizzed.
"Both feeling shy" Her mother explained.
"Come on ...have a chat" His mother instructed.
"Talk about anything" Her mother suggested.

Ladies left the two to the silence.

"Sugar?" She politely asked
"Four cubes please" He sweetly answered.


Gaurav said...

HAHAHAHA ... Prakhar Da aapki to laag gayi ...

kab hua ye haseen serendipity???

Voice said...

Aahun Aahun Aahun
kab hua yeh

aise hi likh dia yaar.

Achha. lekin sabhi yahi kahenge

haan pata hai. isiliye to likha.

chalo badhiya hai

waise ho bhi sakta hai

Aahun Aahun Aahun

Prakhar said...

@ Gaurav

hahaha...sorry to disappoint you...fiction hai dost :D

@ Bhav

yaar yeh to socha hi nahi tha..fiction samajh ke hi likha tha :D

Aahun aaHun aAhUN

Sparkling said...

Aila! Yeh kya hua and I thought it was time for the tea to be served :p

I quite like the convo :)

Sparkling said...
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d gypsy! said...

mast title :P

and a nice post... scaring times haan...

Gaurav said...

hmmmm ...

ye padho bhaailog ...
ye bhi aacha likhti hai ...
thoda prachar kar raha hoon on request ... she wants to be reviewed ...

K said...

fiction?? really... well sounded pretty real to me ;)

workhard said...

Nice post.. buddy...

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Prakhar said...


hahahah :)...thanks...actual convo me abhi time hai :D

@ Neha

Thanks...scaring times me abhi time hai :D

Prakhar said...

@ K

Fiction hi hai...dun scare me :P


Thanks..and thanks again for stopping by :)