Thursday, July 09, 2009

!!Blues ...Morning blues!!

He was sleeping.

She was awake
Alarm clock read 6:20 AM.

"I should call him" she said to herself.She picked up the cordless and started punching his number. As she put in the last digit, she couldn't stop the smile coming to her face. It was a proud smile. Phone at other end was ringing.

He was dreaming and suddenly somewhere a song started

Dil me mere hai dard-e-disco...dard-e-disco..dard-e-disco

Still dreaming. He looked around
"Where is the sound coming from? Are they shooting the song somewhere?"
"I must rush...must meet SRK"
"Deepika is here...where is SRK?...they are shooting it with Deepika now"
"WOW!!...she looks gorgeous!!"
And then the song ended.

"Must be sleeping" she thought.
She got up , brushed her teeth and came back to check the alarm clock.
"Its only 6:35, let him sleep. I should get ready for office"
"Office!!...he should not get late for office...its almost 7 " she picked up the phone and hit redial.

He was dreaming. He was on a date.
"So Deepika, other than acting what are your interests??"
"You know...I love playing badminton"
"That's great , even I am a good badminton player, we should play mixed doubles"
Deepika was giggling when it started again

Dil me mere hai dard-e-disco...dard-e-disco..dard-e-disco

He was bewildered.
"Deepika, can you hear that?Where is the song being played?"
"Its your phone silly" She giggled again.

He was out of the dream. Half asleep, he fished out the phone from the sea of blankets and pillows.
"Hi Sleepy Head...Goooood Morning"
"Who is it?"
"Take a guess" She giggled
"Deepika!!!" He was coming out of sleep.
"Which Deepika??"
"In your dreams your dreams" She was giggling again.
He was confused.
"Wake up dear...wake up"
"Tell me ..who is it?" He was now three fourth asleep.
"Your feeeeyaance " She said it as if she had practiced it all night, and then she giggled again.
"But I am not engaged yet" He was trying hard to utter some words that made sense.
"I know, officially we will be engaged in two weeks..I was just getting familiar with the word"
"Now get up ..its already 7 will get late for the office"
"Aaaahhh!!" his head was thumping.
"What happened everything alright?" Her voice and mood shifted gears. Romantic to Worried.
"Hangover....BAD Hangover!!" .
"You DRINK!!!" Worried to Angry.
"I knew it, all men are drunkards...but I trusted you and you broke my trust" Angry was trying to change to Sobbing
"We are not even married yet and you have already started lying to me" Totally Sobbing.
"But I ..."
"Don't you dare say a word with that alcoholic breath" Sobbing to Angry to Sobbing.
She hung up.

He threw the phone and went back in search of Deepika. After wandering for a long time, he spotted Deepika. She was playing Badminton with his room-mate.
"What the hell!! I provided the roof over his head and he stabbed me in the back"
As he furiously started walking, the song started again

Wo Haseena wo neelam pari...kar gayi kaisi jadugari

He was out of his dream.
"Ok, I forgive you this time...but only this once and only if you promise not to drink again"
"And no more lies, I want to start our relationship on truths. Only truths and nothing but truths"
"Listen to me.." As he started explaining to her, his cell buzzed, there was another call waiting.
"Hold on, another call is coming"
"Who is it?" She demanded an immediate answer.
"Nikita.. who???"
"My girlfriend" As soon as he spoke the words, he regretted speaking them. The rocket was launched and there was no turning back.

He tried to start the damage control, but it was already too late
"What???? You have a girlfriend"
To say she was furious would be an understatement.
"First you drink and now you have a girlfriend...and you want to marry me....What do you think? Am I a fool or something?"

Swift gear change: Angry to Crying.

"I should not have trusted you at the first place.." Now he could hear the tears dropping on the phone.

"Its all my mistake...I should have checked...the decision I was making"

He, unable to bear the headache and crying , shouted

"Thats right!!.... you should have also checked the number you were dialing"


shahid said...

you got skills in writing short stories ... nicely written this one .. try and develop to write more of such stuff :)

d gypsy! said...

i wrote a comment and blogger ditched me...sigh
nyways, i thought his was another story depicting relationships

but last line gave me a surprise

louved it

Prakhar said...


Thanks dost...aajkal poems gayab hain...stories hi chal rahi hain...but not able to shorten thm I need to develop a skills are very limited :)


blogger ki to.... :)

I think without the last line and the melodrama , its just another common relationship story :D

Voice said...

good one yaar.

I liked it, you created enough drama, i wud say to the point where it was getting obvious and boring, and then came your master stroke.

I want moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

commited to life said...

hahahaa cant stop laughing myself..
you ARE a great writer.. you can mix emotions well.. u shud try writing formlly...
liked the way you depicted the change in girl's mood..
man.. you are amazing...
i seriously dont hav words to tell..

Beauty and the BEast said...

brilliant twist!! I am still smiling as I type my comment out!! I was already to think the guy was such a heartless loser... but was pleasantly surprised :)

Prakhar said...

@ Bhav

Thanks yaar...I agree I went a bit overboard at some places..but it was intentional :D...yaar humor try kar raha tha :)

@ Deepshikha

bas bas....itni tareef bhi na karo...m already at cloud nine :)

@ B n B

heheh...thank you :)
poor guy..i felt bad for him..subah subah neend kharab ho gayi :D

rain girl said...

oh lolz.. I LOVED IT! its very rare that a story can surprise me..somehow, i always know what will happen :P yeah, m too smart ha ha!!

but i love it. bring on more!!

Prakhar said...

@ Rain Girl

Long time... :)

M glad it surprised you !

Thank you :)

Will update the blog on weekend...

workhard said...

Hey ur blog is really interesting..

Im sure to return..

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