Friday, July 24, 2009


They came out of the room.Her hand around his waist and forehead brushing his broad chest.
"Lets stay here for few minutes" She said to him.

She had chosen the perfect spot, it was behind the pillar. She knew no one was present on their floor and now no one could see them from the floor below.

She gently pushed him against the wall.There was a glitter in her eyes when she looked at him. It was not like she was seeing him after a long time, in fact they saw each other almost everyday,but days like this were very rare and very special.

Both her hands were on his waist.She again looked at him. His attire always seemed perfect to her; cotton shirts with cuffing, matching trousers and occasionally he wore ties. Today she felt something was amiss.

"Stay here...I will be back in a moment" She knew it was getting late so she hurried back into the room and moments later came out with a blissful smile on her face. She felt proud as if she had found the missing piece of the puzzle.He was still standing at the same place she left him.

"Here you go" She showed him the treasure she found in the room. It was a gray and black muffler. "Its really warm and looks great on you". He did not said anything. His gaze was fixed on her. She always knew what looked best on him. She perfectly wrapped it around his neck and after adjusting it on his shirt her fingers moved to his chiseled jawline. She held his face in her palms.

"You know...what I like the best in you" She was whispering.
"You don't judge me, you accept me as I am"
"And with you I can share anything, my joys, my problems; small problems ,big problems , all of them. I don't expect solutions...well sometimes I do, but the important thing is you listen. You always listen, so calmly so patiently, I always want to bare my heart and soul to you"

She was lost in her own words.
"I know I can't marry you, but that does not change a thing, it does not change the way I feel about you. With every passing day its getting stronger" Her lips were coming closer to his face and her eyes were getting filled.

"I love you...yesterday, today, everyday" She was tiptoed, millimeters away from kissing his lip.

"Meera!!" someone shouted from the ground floor.

She knew it was Shelly. She closed her eyes and gently put a peck on his cheek, a tear ran down her cheek.

"Meera!! Are you up there?"

She wiped the tear and came out from behind the pillar.

"Yeah Shelly...I am here"

"Oh great!...Dear the store is about to open, can you please put that mannequin at display"


shahid said...

Nicely written... and the words conjure up the scene vividly and lucidly. A big reason why I was able to guess so early what the protagonist was up to. :P
Also the title can be a definite giveaway... but that never stopped this one from being a good read :).

Voice said...

Nicely written but i was also able to guess.

Prakhar said...

@ Shahid & Bhav

Thanku doston :D...well I am becoming predictable now...have to explore some other frontier...will come back with something better :)

neha said...

WoW!! what are you doing in IT.. get out!! :)

neha said...
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joiedevivre said...

first half excellant..lekin end kuch adhura sa lagta hai

d gypsy! said...

u are getting better and better with the twists...

but the end leaves me wondering if that's actually possible, if the insanity could occur like this?

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

oh my god! this is the saddest story.

Prakhar said...


:)..haan re...bas wahi koshish hai :D

@ Joie

Thanks :)...can you please elaborate on the lacking of 2nd will help me in improving my writings! :)

Prakhar said...


Thanks :)...even i had my doubts abt the possibility..but this post was inspired by the tale of I thot why not...may be bit unrealistic in today's world...but not impossible.

@Raaji indeed is sad....and that is the point I am tryin to make..

workhard said...

Hey that was funny buddy...

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