Friday, July 03, 2009

What if..

In a man's life, comes a time when he looks back and ponders "What if....?"
What if this...What if that.
In an average man's life there is handful of "What ifs". So when "What ifs" start overflowing, 'the man' inside the man wakes up and decides to take control of the situation. One fine day he decides to address the very first "What if" he can remember...



Dear M

Do you remember your first day at our school?

It was raining that day. I first saw you when you boarded the school bus. Rain drops dripping on your cheeks and your eyes, a little naughty and little frightened, looking for a vacant seat. I glanced at you from the corner of my eye and tried very hard to pretend that I did not saw you and was not interested in the new girl in the class.

Do you remember that day?
I loved you that day.

Our school farewell. Class 12th.
First time I saw you in Saari. You looked beautiful, I think you knew that.

The blue earrings. They were incredible, bouncing at every step and sparkling at every smile.

Do you remember those earrings?
That was the last time I saw them.

Do you remember that day?
Last time I saw you.

I loved you that day.

In college, I guess it was my 3rd year, one late night I was hanging out with my friends.
It was a full moon night. That evening, Moon changed its color thrice. When it came up it was this lazy orange as if waking up after a long sleep, then it changed to canary yellow, brightening the night and finally to white, pure and serene. It was a beautiful evening.
First time I was lonely amongst my friends. I wished you were there that night, I missed you that night.

I remember that night.

I loved you that night.

These days, I think about you, about the time we spent together and about all the small things which reminds me of you.

Rains...Clouds..Eyes.. Earrings...Moon...

I write about them. I throw some words around them, jumble them and try to derive some meaning out,but without you they are only words, all meaningless.

Today I want to tell you....

I loved you then, I love you now and will love you all my life.


Then comes the next 'fine' day, man awaits the results of his expeditions and sometimes it is beyond expectations....



Dear J,

How have you been?
It was really nostalgic reading your mail, of course I remember all those days. Its just that I remember them a bit differently..

The first day in school, I remember it was you who told me the wrong bus timings, that's why I got drenched in that fu*+#in rain and if I remember correctly you were ogling me in the bus as there was no 'corner' in your eyes, you Fat Ba&#@$^!!

I wanted to beat you the ground.
Just remember that day.

School farewell was the same, you and your geek brigade were all drooling over me , like little boys in candy store, so I safely assumed that I must be looking good.

Those blue earrings were my grandma’s, which you know very well so don't try to act smart. Stop this 'emotional attyachaar’, You Moron!

I wanted to kick your ...
Just remember that day!!

Your college night..even I remember that ,you a@$&% !!
That was the day you found me on Orkut and sent that cheesy Add Me request. My life has been hell from that day. Just stop visiting my profile everyday.. You Sicko!

I was a fool then.
I really regret that day..

You even found me on blogger, You Dog. One thing I admit, those poems are coming good but I am not that stupid that I didn't realize that you were referring me in them. You are not that smart, you Dump Fat Ra**$#. So just stop it and don't bother commenting on my blog...You Psycho!

Well...if you are still reading, it felt really good, shoving all of that in your face..You Pig!

I never hated you..but was always whisker away from it. Congratulations you finally managed that!

Please don't bother replying. I have changed my mail-id, deleted my orkut profile and changed the url of my blog.

Have a good life!


But 'the man' takes everything in his stride and starts again...


Dear N

Do you remember………


Creation said...

Ouch.. that must've hurt!

Creation said...

Ouch.. that must've hurt!

Still thinking said...


I'm glad you're still exploring :p

Beauty and the BEast said...

lol!! sorry, I mean, but just this once, love your ability to see beyond the pain and appreciate the dark humor of life!!

commited to life said...

loved this one..
now der is no doubt abt ur writting skills

loved the mail to M
was lost while reading it
i was thinking-koi kisi se itna pyaar bhi kar sakta hai
(loved the desc of moon)

loved the reply even more
was feeling sad for the guy though
but it was fun reading it

but N took the cherry of the cake..

liked the way that in few words yiu have presented the irony in today's 'being in love'

absolutely loved the post..
kahan se aaya idea..

Prakhar said...

@ Creation

Yes ..that would have hurt..thats why its titled What If :D

@ Still Thinking

m always exploring :D...what if any exploration gives positive results :D

@ B n B

It indeed is dark humor..just wanted to say love can be cruel in many ways :D

Prakhar said...

@ Deepshikha

Thanks a lot...first I thot to put it in two parts...but then socha ki ek hi post me it will make more sense...pahle to sirf first letter likha tha...thn I thot what if reply comes like this :D...bas thats the whole idea :)

d gypsy! said...


goin thru a very depressing time and i reach here and i'd a good laugh... reading the last letter...

cruel love or graveyard humor...

nicely depicted

DPhatsez said...

Good one, mate!

Dear N took the cake.
Go get 'em J!

Voice said...

One thing I admit, those poems are coming good

1. u made it obvious
2. apne muh miya mithu ;)

Prakhar said...

@ Gypsy

At your service madame! :)

I call it Zahreela zahreela pyaar :D

@ DPhatsez

Thanks bro.."The Man" should never give up :D

@ Bhav

Yaar character ko authentic bhi to banaana tha :D..thodi to tareef karni padegi! :P