Monday, August 17, 2009

Crossroads - Part 1

It was raining. She loved it when it rained in the afternoon and more so on a lazy Sunday afternoon. She was sitting in the balcony of her eleventh floor apartment. She had just finished some twenty odd pages of the novel she picked up after lunch. The book was lying on the table.

Rain was getting heavier, she could sense it by the raindrops, bouncing of the railing, onto her feet. She was watching the raindrops falling and splitting in two halves. Sometime the two halves landed near each other and sometimes one landed on her feet and other on the ground eleven stories down.
She was so engrossed in following the raindrops that she did not noticed when he came to the balcony. It was the aroma which made his presence known.
"Tea?" He was standing at the door with two cups in his hands. Ginger-Cardamom tea was his 'specialty' which he prepared exclusively on Sundays.
"Sure!" She said with a smile.
He handed her the cup and settled down in the cane chair. She took a sip, it was perfect as usual, but she did not said anything which was unusual for him. She always had a praise or two for his 'special' tea.
"What happened?" He queried,taking a sip.
"Huh?" She was returning to his world.
"Something wrong with the tea?"
"No no..its perfect" She took another sip.
"Then....what's wrong?"
She was lost, as if she was looking for some answers.
"I didn't even asked her name" She watched another raindrop hitting the ground.


Voice said...

waiting for 2

Sparkling said...

Write Part 2 quickly, I'm all curious now.

P.S: Ain't she just lucky to get that flat on the 11th floor? :p

Beauty and the BEast said...

wow!! tea on a rainy drenched balcony.. sigh.. ok heading to the next one..