Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crossroads - Part 3

Damn! Its only Wednesday, still three more days for the weekend.

She was taking long strides towards the main road. Her watch read 8:13.

Damn! I am late, I will definitely miss the 8:15 bus today.

Morning traffic was worst on the main road. She had seen so many near fatal accidents that she always slowed down before crossing the road, even if it meant missing the "8:15". As she was putting the keys in the bag, someone pulled her kurti. She looked back, no one was there. As she zipped the bag, someone pulled the kurti again. This time she looked down as well. A little girl,with a big pink school bag on her back, was pulling her kurti to ask her something.
"Yes, what happened kid?"
"Can you please help me cross the road?" Little girl pleaded with her big brown eyes.
"Are you alone?" She looked around.
"Sure..come let's go" She took her hand and carefully crossed the road.
"Thank you...bye" Little girl gave her a bright smile with a small wave of hand.
"You are welcome...Goodbye" She smiled. Her "8:15" was couple of minutes late.

Next day they met again.
"Wanna go that side?" She quipped
"Yup" Little girl gave her 'Missing-Tooth' smile.

On Fridays she took 9 o' clock bus, so she was sure that she won't meet the girl, though she secretly hoped to see her. To her surprise, little girl was standing and was waiting to cross the road.
"Waiting for me?"
"No, I am late today" Little girl worriedly answered.
They again crossed the road and had a quick goodbye.

The weekend was as usual a relief. She spent the Saturday morning at home, watched a movie in the evening and had dinner at a new restaurant. On Sunday evenings she visited the nearby bookstore to check the latest arrival. As she was browsing through the book she was planning to buy she saw a kid's book among the new arrivals. It had a picture of a little girl on the cover.
Looks like her , half-smile broke on her lips.
She purchased both the books.

For once Monday morning wasn't painful. She reached the main road sharp at 8. There was no sign of the little girl. She waited for a while, and then hesitantly took the "8:15".

She must be running late

On Tuesday too the little girl did not turned up. She took the 9 o'clock bus on Wednesday, hoping to meet the little girl but she didn't. On Friday she waited from 8 to 9 but she didn't met her again.

"Wake up ...wake up...wake up" He was shouting.
"Honey ...its Sunday..let me sleep" She pleaded.
"No No...get up..Lets prepare something good ...I am starving"
She did not responded.
"See ...its raining" He tried another trick. It worked.
"OK!...go..chop n slice...the "Chef" will be there in 15 minutes" She gave him a sleepy smile.

After the elaborate brunch, he went for a quick nap. She took out the books she bought last week and went to the balcony. As she started reading the novel, the cover of the other book kept distracting her. She was not able to read further, so she put down the book.

What happened? I hope she is all well.

She was in deep thought when she smelt the cardamom.

"Tea?" He asked with a proud smile on his face.


"Pardon me" The youngster excused.

She looked into her big brown eyes and asked again,

"What's your name child?"

"Its Ayesha"

"Beautiful name.."

Something felt complete.


Voice said...

i think it is complete now...

sahi tha prakhar

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makes it complete

nice one...

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But I'm still missing the little girl, Prakhar?

Where is she?

Prakhar said...


Thanks dost :)

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the little girl..that's Ayesha for you :)
thats only in story..but actually she indeed is missing

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cute!! OMG!! this is soooo cute.. made me smile.. am still smiling...

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Thanks...sorry for the delay! :)

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