Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love n War

"You're looking lovely tonight" Abhay remarked,gulping the spoonful of chicken soup.
After a few 'shy' seconds Rehana replied with a familiar smile on her face "Well...Thank You!" . Both of them then looked at Armaan who was silently sipping the tomato soup.

This was their favorite restaurant, they had visited it many times since they moved to this city couple of months back. Today they were here for Arman's birthday dinner.

"Soup ain't good Armaan? Rehana asked.
"Its ok" Armaan replied halfheartedly. Though soup was delicious , Abhay's words made it hard to swallow it. Armaan knew where Abhay was heading. He wasn't going to let Abhay win so easily and that too on his birthday. He had to say something before Abhay said anything else. Abhay had already complimented Rehana so he had to quickly come up with something better.

Waiter just handed the menu card to Abhay, he was going through it to decide the main course. It was the right time, but no right words were coming to Armaan's mind. With time running out he decided to pull the trigger.

"I love you" He almost shouted.

Abhay was flipping the page, his hands stopped.Spoon filled with soup almost slipped out of Rehana's hand. Three of them looked at each other.
"What?" Rehana quizzed.
"I love you too!" This time it was Abhay. He wasn't going down without a fight.
"What's happening guys?" Rehana was puzzled.
"I love you more...more than Armaan" Abhay was getting feisty.
"No, I love you even more" Armaan was picking up the fight he started.
"There is something wrong with these soups" Rehana tried to avoid the confrontation.
"Please guys don't start again" She requested.
"Rehana tell him you love me" Abhay was going for the knockout.
"Look..I love you both, but .." Rehana started explaining
"but you love me more...tell him" Abhay cut her short.
"No... she loves me more...don't you?" Armaan pleaded his case.

Rehana knew she had a judgement to make tonight and there was no escaping it.
"Ok, I will tell you guys after the dinner, but please no more words from you two. Let us have a peaceful dinner."

As they finished the dinner, it was time for the results.
"So??" Abhay started.
"So what?" Rehana tried 'ignorance' as last resort which she knew wasn't going to work.
"So ..who do you love or him?" Armaan braced himself for the verdict.

Before Rehana could say anything, the waiter put the chocolate truffle pastry on the table. A red candle was stuck into it, which waiter was instructed not to lit. It was Armaan's favorite but he wasn't even looking at it.

"Alright I will tell you guys, but please don't get upset"Rehana started.
"I love Armaan more" She simply announced it.Her words brought a head down in defeat and brought victorious smile on a face.

Abhay wasn't a sore loser, his entire life he gracefully accepted the defeat. He spoke "Well...Congratulations Armaan!..You Win!"

He then picked up the lighter to light the candle.
"I have to confess something" Abhay said, adjusting the candle on the pastry.
"Even I love you Armaan" The candle was lit.

Abhay and Rehana got up, planted a kiss on Armaan's cheeks and said,
"We both love you very much....Happy Twelfth Birthday Son!!"


Vinz said...

Great One...!!


Voice said...

Nice turn in the end. I thought Abhay is gay :)great one!! Indeed.

But a sick one... u tricked us with ur words. :(

Sparkling said...

Aila! What an end!
I was totally involved :)

Sparkling said...
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Beauty and the BEast said...

so sweet!! I envy Reehana!!1 :D

Prakhar said...


Thanks buddy :)


Well :)..i can only give you a wicked smile :D


I think I have found my genre I am an 'End' writer!!..always working towards a good end :)

@B n B

Even I envy Abhay :D

Prachi Mehta said...

Lol! sir ji.. tussi vi na.. :P I love the way u combine subtle humor wit emotions in ur stories :)

Divya said...

I knew it ;)

Prakhar said...

@ Prachi

Thanks :D

@ Divya

Nahiiiiii kah do yeh jhoot hai :P...I am becoming predictable..need to change!

Mon Espace said...

hahaha! I did *not* see that coming...i tot it was all so bollywood-ish...i wrote something similar called her first time...check it out :)

bye! :)

rain girl said...

ok :P I guessed it too.. :P or maybe I am just lying ;)

wildflower said...

m not much of an avid blog readerbut this one held me tight!

Prakhar said...

@ Rain Girl

Welcome back here :)

@ Wildflower

Thanks dear...keep bloggin! :)