Saturday, December 26, 2009


"Watch your steps!!" He almost shouted at her.
"What?" She asked fluttering her innocent eyes.
"Don't look up while walking, you might trip over"
"..but look at that chandelier, ain't it beautiful...I have never seen such a big one" She was trying to explain her distraction. He wasn't excited seeing that chandelier, but she was. She was super excited and she was telling the truth that she hadn't seen anything like this her entire life. This in fact was the biggest enclosed space she had ever been to. The biggest place she ever knew was her high school, which was an old circuit house with exactly 10 small rooms, one for each class.
She had never been out of the small town until she was married off to him and he brought her to this city. This was their first outing as Mr. & Mrs. XXXX. She was simply amazed by the place he had brought her to. She had never seen ceiling so high, ceilings were always within the reach of Shambhu, tall-dark-okayish classmate on whom she had a huge crush and who eloped with her best-friend Sushma. She always wanted that kind of adventure but Sushma outpaced her. She never forgave them.

Dresses, watches, shoes were never plural to her. This was first time she was seeing them in numbers. Alright I am exaggerating on dresses but she never had more than 3. New shoes were bought or borrowed when the old ones were unwearable. The only watch she had ever seen was her father's. He would let her have it during exams, but when her younger brother started writing exams the watch was given to him on priority basis and he eventually sold it on the day of his maths exam and spent the sum on Dev D and delicious chicken curry. Though her father taught him a good lesson but her brother always said "It was worth it!!"

So whats' his story? Well he was an orphan to begin with, at-least that's what he told everyone. His mother was in village and he saw her once or twice a year but every month he sent her money order. During his last visit, mother suggested he should get married and gave her couple of grand-children to play with. This was first time his mother had asked for something.

Couple of months back he visited her town for his friend's wedding, that was the first time he saw her and when her father came to him with proposal he just couldn't refuse. He didn't took a penny from the old man, her brother was doing that job. They got married and after few weeks he brought her to the city and as I said earlier this was their first outing as Mr. and Mrs. XXXX.

"Can I take this dress? This would look so pretty on me" She had a black dress in one hand and a back-up in another.
"No" He simply dismissed her without even looking at the dress. He was busy checking the gadget. He had a keen eye for gadgets and was very good with them. It was an old radio which he dissected that led to thrashing of his lifetime and that led to his departure from the village. He didn't liked being disturbed while he was among gadgets, working with them. He had a great concentration level and that's why he didn't looked the dresses his young bride was showing to him.

"Look how pretty these shoes are looking in my feet...Can I please take them?"
"No" This time it was more like an automated reply.
He was moving into zen when she came back
"Look look what a pretty vase, can we take this? would look so good in our home"
"And where the hell will you put it, on my head" He was furious "Its all my mistake, I shouldn't have brought you with are...CLICK CLICK", the two click sound interrupted him.
This must be some kind of record he thought. He carefully opened the door and a huge smile broke on his lips.
"Okay!!" He started "Grab all the watches, that dress, those shoes and your stupid vase.. I am emptying the it fast ..I think we might have woken up the neighbors…let’s move out before they call the cops”

“I am ready” She answered quickly.

This time he looked at her, she looked stunning in the black dress and red shoes, holding the vase full of high end watches. She was now officially Mrs. XXXX.


Voice said...

Prakhar u r becoming a pro...
everytime new twist ...

Good one

Voice said...

Name 'XXXX' is totally app for this post

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:)..nice, Jugni Hasdi Superchor!

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What an end!

You're some story teller I tell you! :)

Sparkling said...

And hey, A Happy New Year, btw :)

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Stealing it for one act show!! hope you wont charge me with the copy writing, :D Amazing writing!

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Nice writeup, good blog!

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