Monday, March 30, 2015

Stories Of Our Times - "Love Store"

He entered the hypermarket with a big smile on his face. He knew she would be there. His eyes were looking for her. There she was as he expected. She looked more beautiful than what he remembered from last Wednesday.
He first saw her around a month back and was falling in love since. Till now he wasn't able to muster the courage to talk to her. 
Today was different. He was confident. Weather was appropriate. Rains always brought out the romantic side in him. He had made up his mind that no matter what he will talk to her today and if he finds some more courage will ask for her number. He had seen enough signs to conclude that she was interested in him. He was confident.

She caught him looking at her and his confidence vaporized. As soon as he looked away, a smile broke on her lips.

Does she like me?

He hoped that she would understand the unsaid. Wished more than hoped. He started putting things in his trolley, he had to finish shopping in 20 minutes as there weren't any bus after that.
He would pick up an item and would look at her, hoping that she would be looking towards him. She was busy, but as always she noticed him. The first few times she ignored him but then decided to communicate back.

He picked up a bottle of Nescafe coffee and looked at her. She had a pack of Taj Mahal tea. Their eyes met and both looked at what other was holding; a big smile broke on both the faces.
He picked up Axe deodrant with a grin, she had a pack-of-3 of Pears soap and a proudly raised chin. He picked up 2 litres of Pepsi with a twinkle in his eyes; she had a 1 Litre pack of Tropicana 100% Juice and a raised eyebrow. He sheepishly picked up frozen parathas against which she had a 5 kg pack of Aashirwaad Aata and an angry stare. He then put Maggi in his trolley; she had Maggi Aata noodles and a warm smile. Last item in his cart was couple of small Parle-G packs whereas she had a big pack of Parle-G and a heart melting smile.

He was standing in the queue for billing, waiting to see her. The moment arrived when he had finished putting items on the billing counter. He was about to say something funny when his phone started ringing; it was his employer for whom he was shopping.

He answered the call and she started the billing.By the time she finished scanning all the items he had finished his call. He looked at her and with a sheepish smile said
"vo Pepsi rahne do party cancel ho gayi" (Leave that Pepsi, party got cancelled).
She modified the bill and as soon as she said the amount he was ready with the exact amount of Sodexo coupons. She mischievously asked "jaldi me ho?" (Are you in a hurry?) He foolishly grinned, nodded and grinned some more.

He knew he just blew the chance.

He stepped out of the hypermarket, cursing himself for acting like a fool. He decided that he will never come to this place as it was anyway far from his place.

She doesn't like me

He cursed some more and was about to throw the bill away when he noticed something written on it

Coffee? 983XX98XXX

She found him adorable from day one!


wildflower said...

How cute! what happened then?

Prakhar said...

Well...that's how their journey started :)

Anonymous said...

Tell us what happened afterwards